5 Ways to Make Your Cat Happy


5 Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy

If there’s one thing cat people understand that dog people do not, it’s that cat’s need love just as much as dogs. But they show that desire in unconventional and refined ways, like a hairball on your pillow.
A cat may look like she’s fine with being left alone all day. They may not chew up your couch cushions and pee on your designer rug, but they disapprove; they simply won’t deign to the actions of those low down dirty dogs. 
If you’ve ever experienced the cold shoulder from a cat, this article is for you. They may seem oblique, but they appreciate the niceties as much as other animals. Showing your cat that you care and want to make them happy will deepen your relationship and, in turn, make you happier, too. 
At Balance CBD, we’re cat people. Some of our staff own cats, and we’ve tailored our line of CBD pet products with cats in mind. This list consists of things we’ve learned the hard way with our furry friends. We hope to pass them along to help you appreciate your feline companion a smidge more. 
The suggestions below are simple little things that can make big differences in the mood and health of your cat.
The Best 5 Ways to Make Your Cat Happy 
Everyone needs some tender love and care, especially pets that don’t seem like they need it. While there are cats that meow and purr when you get home, there are just as many that would rather do their own thing. Don’t let your cat’s mood dictate how you care for them. Learn how to make your cat happier the right way with Balance CBD’s tips for cat owners. 

1. Catify Your Home 

Cat’s have instincts that must be expressed for them to be happy. Unlike dogs, the feline persuasion must climb and perch on high structures to feel like they own their land. Think of Simba and Mufasa in the Lion King, looking out over their dominion during sunset on the veld. 
Catifying your home means introducing places your cat hop onto or climb up to and take in their surroundings — the living room, bedroom, or back yard. Other cats enjoy burrowing under a couch and reveling in their dark lair. 
To find out what your cat wants, start by watching her in your house or yard. Where does she want to go but can’t? And when she lays down to rest, is it high or is it low? Then find creative ways of altering the space for your cat’s enjoyment. 
Cat’s also love to watch bird feeders and squirrels. If possible, choose a window and dub it her television set. Construct a way for her to reach the window, such as resting a chair by the windowsill. Those of you with a backyard — buy a cheap bird feeder and hang it near the window. Like a thirteen-year-old, your kitty won’t want to be anywhere else but in front of her TV!

2. Food and Nutrition

A cat’s diet is as unique as their personality. Some cats love wet food and other cats suffer upset stomachs from anything but dry kibble. Invest the time and attention into your cat’s eating habits and ensure that she’s getting the right nutrition or you’ll end up with a cat more irritable than she wants to be. 
Admittedly, this sounds much easier than it is. Google searching pet food quickly turns into a vortex of articles and competing opinions. Just remember to buy food you feel suits your cat’s lifestyle, size, and dietary needs. 
To know if your cat does well on the pet food your purchase, check not how well it goes in, but how it comes out. Your cat’s poop tells you a lot about her digestive weal. The difference between hard and soft, runny and firm, signifies the degree of nutrition and comfort your pet feels throughout the day. 

3. Entertainments Galore

Watching a cat wheel around the living room chasing a laser or swiping at a toy on the couch isn’t just adorable, it’s essential to her happiness. Cat’s love to play and exercise, even if she seems to mostly want to lay down at the foot of your bed. 
If your cat has lost her zeal, maybe it’s time for you to bring some new life to playtime. Like dogs, house cats often need you to interact with their toys to make them worth their attention. For fifteen minutes every day or two, grab the classic mouse- or feather-on-a-stick toy and flip it about to juice up her big cat predatory instincts.
Cat’s also love grass. In the wild, they munch on the stuff like it’s potato chips. To add some zest to your cat’s day and improve her digestion while you’re at it, buy a few pots of cat grass and spread them throughout the house. This ensures she’s moving around and has some interesting spots to hang out in and snack. 
Another instinct your cat can engage in to make her happy is scratching. Yes, the scratching that ruins your favorite futon harkens back to instincts so old they don’t have names. Buy her some cat scratch pads or, if you want to be the best cat owner ever, a scratch castle!

4. Visit the Vet

This one may sound counterintuitive because if your cats are anything like ours, they likely loathe the vet. Yet for a cat to remain healthy, they need yearly check-ups at the vet. Go to a vet that’s sympathetic to the cat cause. One that you trust and respect their opinions and recommendations. 
A yearly trek to the vet guarantees that your cat gets the required vaccines and other medicines crucial to her longevity. If your cat goes outside, buy her some flea, tick, and heartworm medications, too. One unlucky bite from an infected mosquito or tick can shorten her life; no one comes out happier at the end of that story.  

5. Know Their Moods

While it may seem easier to recognize dog stress versus cat stress, once you know the signs, it’s pretty obvious. Cats react to changes in their environment and their owners just as much, if not more, than dogs. 
The easiest way to know if your cat’s stress levels have increased is by knowing them well in the first place. Changes in a cat’s mood and habits signify that you should be concerned. When your cat starts swiping at guests or other pets, or she hides when you come home, then you may have a cat with anxiety. 
Other signs of cat anxiety are:
Loss of appetite
Excessive grooming
Excessive scratching
Aggressive behavior

Introduce your Cat to Our CBD Oil for Pets 

Going out of your way to boost the happiness of your cat isn’t simply a one-way action. Whatever you can do to deepen your kitty’s purrs and peak her interests returns to you tenfold, for cats improve their owner’s happiness, too.
They’re stalwart companions that offer unconditional love. When depression or grief drag you into the mud, a furry buddy won’t say the wrong thing or look the other way. One study brazenly suggested that cat owners are more likely to hold college degrees. So they also, somehow, make you smarter.
When you search online for ways to help your cat, you need companies you can trust. As the field of CBD research and the swath of CBD products continue to grow, look to a company that’s informed and dedicated to its customers, both big and small. 
At Balance CBD, we formulate CBD oils, edibles, topicals, and beverages with organic ingredients. All our products ship pesticide and herbicide-free. Even better, we send our CBD extracts for third-party lab testing, so you can confirm that our CBD reaches your high expectations. 
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