7 Exciting Ways to Get Started with CBD

In the past few years, we’ve seen cannabidiol (CBD) evolve from a niche product into a nation-wide sensation. People have come to our site interested in CBD’s potential and excited to try our products.

We’re glad that so many new customers are looking for ways to introduce CBD into their lives. The result of this new traffic is that we get asked lots of questions. But the question we get asked the most has to be this: What’s the best way to take CBD?

Honestly, there is no “best way.” CBD can fit all sorts of lifestyles, and you can enjoy it in many forms. But to help spark your creativity, here are six ways we like to take CBD.

1. Morning Meditation

Who doesn’t want a positive and mindful start to their day? The power of meditation has inspired many celebrities, from Oprah to Clint Eastwood, to take up this ancient practice. A fifteen-minute meditation before breakfast can boost your energy and unclog your mental pathways.

But sometimes reaching Zen might as well be reaching Mars. The mental effort it takes to focus on your breathing and clear your mind can seem impossible when workday stress encroaches.

A dropper of our CBD oil, administered under the tongue twenty minutes before your meditation, can help to strip away your worries and lower your vibrations.

2. 15-Minute Vape Break

Meetings, conference calls, spreadsheets, that squirmy sentence you can’t quite phrase properly—sometimes you just need a moment to re-center and recoup.

A quick walk through a nearby park or urban green space can replenish your tired, info-saturated mind. And if you vape, one of our Juul pods or refillable cartridges can quench that inner hankering for tranquility.

Vaping’s high bioavailability means you’ll feel the effects of CBD instantly. You’ll have time to relax and listen to the sweet lilting of birds, or, if your green space is anything like ours, the cantankerous outbursts of the hotdog vendor across the street.

Nature walk and vape session complete, you can arrive back at the office ready to wrangle whatever comes your way. 

3. Your Daily Cuppa CBD

Okay, so maybe you don’t like to vape. Well, I’m sure you love a warm coffee, latte, or tea. That lunchtime beverage opens up the perfect opportunity to imbibe some midday CBD.

And if your coworkers tag along, don’t fret—nobody will think twice about the pills you take at lunch. Our CBD supplements look just like fish oil or any other health product you’d buy at your local Whole Foods.

CBD capsules take about thirty minutes to an hour before you feel their effects. That means they’ll kick in when you’re back at work and hoping for a second wind.

4. Post-Run Soak

An after-work run is one of the best ways to burn off yet another slice of lunchtime birthday cake (ten coworkers born in May, seriously?), or get those legs moving after sitting for eight straight hours.

And sometimes, you have enough energy to cinch that extra mile, which is great for your health, but not so great for your knees and thigh muscles.

Instead of your routine shower, try a CBD bath bomb. They’re full of muscle relaxing essential oils, like chamomile and peppermint. With the added benefit of CBD, your weary muscles can soak, loosen up, and recover.

5. Evening Edibles

If you’re like me, you refuse to believe that a midweek dessert is bad for your health. You work hard, and sometimes you need a little treat to close out the day. But instead of that freezer-burned ice cream, why not try a few CBD Cotton Candy gummies?

Our tasty edible confections are rich in CBD and other organic ingredients. There’s plenty of flavors to choose from, too. They’re easy to share with a loved one, or just as easy to conceal and keep to yourself. FYI, you’ll feel the soothing effects of our CBD edibles within an hour.

6. Weeknight Staycation

Maybe you can’t take a romantic getaway with your loved one this month as you planned. Or maybe you can’t go anywhere this year at all. Either way, you two still deserve some time alone for new experiences.

While it may not be the white sand beaches of Fiji, our CBD arousal oil can transport you to a hot locale that’s just as sensual.

Crafted by Dani Pepper, a woman-empowered company, this aphrodisiac blend of essential oils, Kava Kava root, cardamom, and CBD reduces tension and heightens sensation. Be sure to apply it at least fifteen minutes before entering any uncharted territory.

7. Deep Sleep

A full nights sleep not only revitalizes brain functioning, but it also plays a key role in repairing your heart and blood vessels. Unfortunately, according to a 2013 Gallup poll, the average American sleeps less than seven hours a night—a full hour less than we did in 1945.

We can’t get that time back, so it’s important to sleep the recommended 8-9 hours.

Before bed, try a few pumps of our watermelon-flavored anxiety spray. Just like with CBD oils, a few spritzes under the tongue sends CBD straight into your endocannabinoid system, quieting your buzzing mind. With your tensions eased, resting comfortably, you can fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

A Creative Life Is a Full Life

These are just a few of the dozens of ways you can integrate CBD into your day. No lifestyle is too busy that you can’t find one of our products for either daily or recreational use.

As researchers and consumers continue to explore, experience, and discuss this fascinating compound, we’ll keep updating our stock with new and exciting products that can enrich your life.

Until then, be creative—let us know how you like to take your CBD. Who knows, it just may inspire us to cook up something interesting!

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