75 Products Made From Hemp


Hemp Products: 75 Varieties For You To Know

Hemp lovers in the U.S. will love the fact that hemp has now been given legal status. Surprisingly, it is for making not only CBD products but also a myriad of other products. In near future, these products are likely to be the new standard in the retail markets. 
Interestingly, there are more than 70 hemp products that exist in the market today. According to Forbes, over 25,000 products have hemp as the main ingredient. Probably, no other plant right now has these many uses. This post reveals 75 products that are currently made using hemp.


A few specialists believe that foods and beverages made using hemp are likely to be the future of hemp. Well, this is a wise belief. Hemp seeds are considered quite healthy and that CBD edibles are gaining popularity amongst those who want to have the rightly-measured CBD serving size. Following foods and beverages are made using hemp:
  1. Honey: Hemp honey gives you the best of both worlds, the potency of CBD and the health benefits of honey. You can have it straight or mix it in beverages or baked items. 
  2. Milk: Interestingly, hemp milk is rich in calcium, protein, and essential fatty acids namely, omega-3 and -6. Interestingly, it has more calcium than the milk obtained from a cow. While hemp milk is available just as cow’s milk, you can even make your own.
  3. Seeds: Hemp seeds themselves have high nutritional content due to which some experts believe them as a superfood. They are rich in essential amino acids, protein, omegas, minerals, and many vitamins. Thus, it is not surprising that these seeds have become a staple of innumerable households across the globe.
  4. Seed Oil: This is not CBD oil but hemp seed oil, one of the fittest oils featuring several nutrients. It is regarded as a great alternative to several common oils used for baking or frying.
  5. Butter: Do you know hemp butter is made from hemp seeds? Well, you can use it in place of allergy-triggering nut butter. 
  6. Flour: Hemp flour is an ideal alternative to wheat flour or gluten-based flour. Just try it in making a baked item and you will love the taste. 
  7. Protein Powders: Hemp protein powders can be the best option for vegans, as they can expect their daily quantity of protein from them. Simply add one of them to a smoothie or non-dairy milk.
  8. Energy Drinks: Hemp energy drinks are quickly becoming popular amongst those who perform workouts for a variety of health goals. 
  9. Crackers: You can easily find hemp and chia seed cracker that is free of gluten. Interestingly, you can find it in different tempting flavors. 
  10. Granolas: Hemp granolas have recently become a hit amongst the health-conscious people who eat them straight or by adding to milk or yogurt.
  11. Power Bars: All hard workers, whether on trails, in gyms, or at a site, will love hemp power bars to retain energy for a long period. 
  12. Burgers: Hemp burgers are in demand these days. Those from Goodseed are believed to be originally delicious. You can even find different hemp burger vegan recipes online.
  13. Hot Dogs: The craze for hemp hot dogs started when a farmer came up with the Kentucky Hemp Dog, an improved form of the standard hot dogs. This had hemp protein powder and ground beef. 
  14. Edibles: These are hemp extract or CBD edibles are all set to be the most famous CBD products. It is interesting to know that “CBD gummies” in 2019 was the third most-looked-after food item.
  15. Water: Sounds weird? Well, but it is true! Hemp water is one of the latest CBD liquids offering the power of CBD and life-supporting benefits of water.
  16. Vodkas: Yes, you can find hemp vodkas if you wish to switch from the typical beverage. Usually, they are fermented and distilled using hemp and are quite mellow.
  17. Beers: Hemp beers are likely to sound as healthy. You may try the recently introduced Hemperor HPA by New Belgium made using herbal cannabis seeds but having no THC. It features a hoppy flavor, light golden color, and a bit sweet taste. 
  18. Teas: You can easily find cold and hot hemp teas in any season. The hemp tea options are truly many, which even the most veteran experts tend to value.
  19. Coffees: Can there be anything more interesting than a cup of hemp-rich coffee? Well, there are many flavors available in the market. Just taste one and see!
  20. Chewing Gums: Gums are not new. However, nothing seems to be as refreshing as a CBD chewing gum for those who wish to quit nicotine addiction. There are many varieties of these gums, each differing in color, shape, and CBD quantity. Balance CBD is one of the esteemed brands known for the varieties of chewing gums.

Household Items

Do not be surprised if you come to know that there are a couple of household products that are made using hemp. By the way, there are green products and are essential for a more maintainable lifestyle. Following are a few evolving hemp household products: 
  1. Paper Plates: Try using hemp paper plates instead of conventional paper or plastic plates. 
  2. Paper Towels and Toilet Papers: These products are not usually seen in grocery stores. However, they are becoming popular due to sales from online retailers as a green alternative to paper items.
  3. Bath Towels: Hemp bath towels are ideal for anyone who is a big fan of hemp and wishes to use them.
  4. Plastic Bags: Plastic bags can now be eco-friendly. This is what hemp plastic bags tend to prove. 
  5. Reusable Produce Bags: According to nationalgeogrpahic.com, U.S. customers use one plastic bag per day per resident. Why not separate from these customers by replacing a reusable hemp produce bag instead of a use-n-throw plastic produce bag? 
  6. Coffee Filters: Yes, you can even get hemp coffee filters that you can use several times, unlike the single-use standard filters.
  7. Curtains: You can decorate your room’s windows using sustainable hemp curtains. You can even use hemp shower curtains.
  8. Sheets: Wish to sleep like a toddler? Then, look no further and get hemp sheets that are soft, free of chemicals, and long-lasting. 

Office Products

If you’re looking to green up your office space, there are a few eco-friendly hemp products that will help you work more sustainably.
  1. Pens: you must have ergonomic pens but not hemp pens. Well, a hemp pen was used to sign the 2018 Farm Bill. So, how about using a hemp pen in your office?
  2. Print Papers: Print papers made using hemp are eco-friendly. They are becoming an integral part of more green office practices.
  3. Monthly Planners: Yes, even monthly planners are now made using hemp. 
  4. Packaging Supplies: According to greenenterpreneur.com, hemp bioplastic is the next big thing when it comes to green packaging.

Personal Care

Hemp is rich in antioxidants as well as omega-6 fatty acids due to which it is considered ideal for maintaining or improving hair as well as skin health. Prior to the normalization of hemp, only hemp beauty products were seen in elite health food stores. However, now, even hemp health products are available. Following are the different health and beauty products made using hemp:
  1. Shampoos and Conditioners: These hemp hair care products are ideal for maintaining your tresses naturally moist.
  2. Hair Pomades: The hemp hair pomades are made for gaining thicker, fuller tresses. They are also capable of facilitating new hair growth.
  3. Eye Creams: Hemp eye creams are made to guard the gentle skin under the eyes. They are powerful enough to tackle dark circles and puffiness.
  4. Lip Balms: Hemp lip balms are ideal for calming dry, cracked lips. Balance CBD offers an effective and versatile hemp lip balm that moisturizes, soothes, and guards even the driest lips.
  5. Toothpastes: Hemp toothpastes will not disappoint those who wish to keep their mouth clean and free of bacteria that are known to cause plaque. They are usually made using hemp seeds. One of the popular varieties is the hemp toothpaste featuring activated charcoal.
  6. Face Creams: Creams made using hemp and meant for the face are likely to revitalize dry and aging skin. You can try one of them to get back the natural look.
  7. Soaps: Hemp soaps are also getting popular these days. You can do a quick search online to know about different hemp soaps.
  8. Body Lotions: Hemp body lotions are made using hemp oil, which is known for its powerful moisturizing ability. They are known to trigger a smooth feeling after application.
  9. Mascaras: Hemp mascaras are typically made using hemp seed oil. Most of them are known to generate high-volume lashes.
  10. Massage Oils: Hemp massage oils seem to be the top choice of those who wish to enhance an already done massage. Many of them are specially formulated for use in spas.
  11. Menstrual Pads: Hemp menstrual pads are green alternatives to pads and tampons that are dumped into landfills each year. You can easily find a reusable pad or napkin containing three layers of porous hemp.
  12. Personal Lubricants: Hemp personal lubricants are also out in the market for you to try.

Apparels and Accessories  

Did you know that hemp clothes were introduced in the market 20 years ago? Well, hemp fiber is considered one of the sturdiest natural fibers. This has inspired several fashion designers to use it in designing some of the chicest clothes and accessories. Following are the popular hemp apparels and accessories:
  1. Jeans: Hemp denims are truly sustainable; they are much more than those standard denims. 
  2. T-Shirts: This time, just do not buy a cotton t-shirt; rather, invest in a hemp t-shirt to experience how far more sustainable the green material can be than cotton. 
  3. Jackets: Hemp jackets abound! Whether you need a lasting canvas jacket or a winter coat, you will easily get one of hemp.
  4. Dresses: The market is filled with a broad collection of hemp skirts and other dresses. They are stunning apart from being eco-friendly. Consider one of them if you wish to wear something unique, unusual, and still better!
  5. Hats: You can easily find baseball hats, trucker hats, fedoras, sun hats, and other hats made up of hemp. No matter which type of hat you need, you are likely to find one. There are also hemp beanies to protect your head during winter, which are available in a myriad of styles and colors.
  6. Sunglasses: How about wearing a pair of hemp fiber sunglasses this summer? Try it and you will know that it can easily protect your eyes from the glaring rays.
  7. Shoes: Whether you need a pair of sneakers or slip-ons, you will definitely find a pair made using hemp. Different varieties of hemp shoes are available in the market.
  8. Flip Flops: Hemp flip flops are becoming popular for use in summer. They are available for both men and women.
  9. Socks: Hemp socks are capable of maintaining your feet comfortable and warm. You can find hemp crew socks and hemp ankle socks that know how to keep your feet healthy while enduring continual use.
  10. Wallets: Different designs and styles of hemp wallets exist to fulfill various needs. You can get a hemp wallet that can slide quickly into the pocket at the rear or a hemp wallet that has a size of a purse. 
  11. Laptop Bags: Hemp bags for laptops are cool and durable. So, you will not face any problem while on the go.
  12. Handbags: Different varieties of hemp handbags are available, ranging right from vintage designs to boho styles. So, you will be able to get one of your choices. 
  13. Bras and Panties: These hemp undergarments are truly eco-friendly. You can easily find them online.
  14. Phone Cases: Say NO to a plastic phone case and get a green hemp case for making a better impression on others.

Pet Products

There are many hemp products for pets at home. Let’s check them out:
  1. Treats: Tasty hemp treats are available for cats and dogs. Well, they are effective, as these four-legged creatures also have an ECS system.
  2. Toys: It’s high time to replace the plastic toys for pets with green hemp toys.
  3. Dog Beds: Beds for dogs made using hemp are eco-friendly. You can now make your dog rest on a sustainable bed that is comfortable and soft.
  4. Kitty Litters: These hemp products are absorbent and are free of chemicals or harmful additives.
  5. Leashes and Collars: These hemp products tend to dress your dog in style.

Construction Materials

It is a great idea to plan for your new house that will be built using green, renewable resources. If this is what you plan, hemp materials are ideal. Following are the hemp materials to consider:
  1. Hempcrete: This material is made using the middle part of the hemp stalk, water, and lime. As hempcrete is made using only natural ingredients, it is non-toxic. It is also resistant to mold. 
  2. Wood and Deck Stain: Hemp wood and deck stain products are non-toxic alternatives to the conventional counterparts. They add an attractive finish to wooden constructions such as fences and decks.
  3. Insulation: Hemp insulation is capable of sealing a building tight. It is a durable alternative to the thermal one.

Lively Lifestyle Products

If you love an active lifestyle, there are hemp products for your activities too. This is regardless of doing yoga, hiking a trail, or moving on the snow. 
  1. Yoga Accessories: You can easily get yoga mats, blankets, blocks, and straps made up of hemp. Thus, you can make your yoga sessions more sustainable.
  2. Snowboards, Skis, and Surfboards: All of these products are made using hemp now. This means you can now enjoy your winter sports in an eco-friendly manner.
  3. CBD Salves: These salves are made using hemp extracts that can support joints and muscles.
  4. Goggles: Have you seen the snow goggles of Von Zipper? If not, do look at it, at least on Google. They are not made using hemp only but come with a strap of hemp. Hemp goggles are ideal for alleviating carbon footprint while on the slopes. 
  5. Meditation Pillows: Hemp meditation pillows are for mediating sustainably.

Automotive Supplies

Did you know that Henry Ford used hemp in making a car in 1941? Although hemp was one of the materials and that the model was not released, it indicated that hemp can be used to produce a few automobile products. Here are these products:
  1. Biofuel: Hemp biofuel is versatile enough to work in any car, including the diesel ones. It is a better alternative to standard fossil fuels.
  2. Car Seat Covers: It is now becoming a trend to use sustainable car seats.
  3. Car Parts: Hemp is used to make a myriad of car parts. Esteemed brands such as BMW and Ford are using this material in making the doors of some of their automobiles. Although hemp plastic is feasible, more brands are likely to switch to hemp to replace all parts of plastic.
  4. Vehicles: It is still rare to see a local car of hemp. However, there is at least one car made using hemp. Will hemp cars be the near future? Only time will show!
Well, you can use hemp to make a variety of useful products! Do try one of them and see the difference for yourself! 

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