Before You Buy “Nano-emulsified” CBD Oils


Read on to know if nano-CBD oils are in fact at the actual scientific forefront, or is it a trick to tempt the unsuspecting masses. What is nano-CBD? How is it different? Is it more effective than other forms of CBD oil?

If you intend to buy and use nano-CBD oil products, make sure you have all the right information that you need to make the right call: We have compiled all the information that you need to make an informed decision if you’re thinking of buying nano-CBD oil. The market sales for CBD products have been growing exponentially in the past few years with newer lines of products from different brands advertising all the host of new features. Some of them seem to portray the forefront of scientific progress with a multitude of next-generation product names that sounds like alien technology rather than a natural Health and Wellness Supplement. One of such products categories of nano-amplified CBD.

What are Nano-CBD products?

In all honesty, nano-CBD products are not new to the market despite the science fiction moniker. We present this guide for the Layman to understand the information that is available from original sources in order to allow the reader to judge the effectiveness of nano-CBD products and clarify the language often used about it.

“Nano-” is a prefix that is associated with things that are extremely small in size. If one sees the actual scientific definition, a nano-sized object should be in the line of 10-9 meters, that is in nanometers. But in the case of CBD products, it is being used loosely to describe much larger, but still generally really small, globules or droplets of oil.

A single droplet of CBD oil in fact contains a large number of molecules of carrier oils like coconut oil and a small number of CBD molecules. As oil and water do not mix: when oil is added to water it remains in the form of large droplets in suspension that will eventually separate out. Due to the moisture on the surfaces of the digestive tract, starting right from the mouth, CBD oil remains in large droplets without dissolving and is inaccessible until it has been fully digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. As digestion completely breaks down a large percentage of the CBD that you swallow, and you cannot absorb all of it into the bloodstream, it is highly recommended that you vigorously swish your CBD oil within the month, through the teeth all around gums and tongue so that it is absorbed through the skin of the mouth itself.

It is to fight these barriers to absorption that nano-CBD has been developed by manufacturers: this form of CBD products is more suitable to mix into the moisture within our body by the use of natural emulsifiers. In understanding this phenomenon one can learn of a similar process in the use of ingredients like honey, mustard and egg yolks in recipes. INatural emulsifiers help to stabilize oils and aid in remaining in suspension. For example in salad dressings, a selection of ingredients in order to aid oil in tiny droplets remain suspended within the mixture. Some chemicals can keep this state infinitely. Within the mixture of water and some other liquid within the salad dressing like vinegar, the droplets of oil are coated with a tiny layer of emulsifiers and the chemicals that maintain the status quo and prevent the oil from simply separating completely and collecting on top.Nano CBD products are generally made with a mixture of water as a medium,natural CBD oil, and some other emulsifiers that stabilize it to create an emulsion. Some common nano-CBD ingredients for example are phospholipids like lecithin-similar to the fat in egg yolks that are in some salad dressings for a similar role.

Benefits of Using Nano-CBD

The most important reason why one might opt to use an “nano-” emulsified CBD Oil, as opposed to regular CBD oil is the fact that it can actually potentially increase the amount of CBD that ends up in your bloodstream after consumption. One must opt for a good reliable manufacturer of CBD products, as the process of manufacturing properly plays the most important role in the effectiveness of nano-CBD products.

The reason behind the potentially greater absorption of nano-CBD into the bloodstream are as follows: It increases the effective surface area. When the CBD oil is in the form of smaller droplets, it has easier contact with the skin’s absorptive tissue and bodily enzymes, overall producing more effective results because of the ease of absorption of nutrients from the oil and the digestion of the oil due the small size of the globules. In our digestive tract, the body uses it naturally-produced natural bile salts will emulsify and break down dietary fats and lipids which include CBD oil if you take them orally. Using the pre-emulsified CBD oil in your mouth will help your body to absorb CBD more easily starting from the mouth and into the digestive tract. Penetration-Enhancers are a class of chemicals that include ethanol, propylene glycol and other surface-active molecules that coat nano-CBD products. Their function lies in the role they play in order to increase the movement and absorption of CBD molecules across the barriers like skin and mucous membranes.

Are there downsides to Nano-CBD?

Nano CBD design delivers a higher level of CBD more quickly into the bloodstream. There are a few concerns to say stay safe while using nano CBD products in the market: As we stated earlier, a host of chemicals could be added along with emulsifiers for the effectiveness of nano CBD products. The amount and quality of chemicals used depends greatly on the manufacturers that are producing these CBD products. Not all of such ingredients are of similar safety and quality: you may not want some of them in your body. For example a common additive that you can find in many emulsions that are declared shelf-stable, propylene glycol was named “Allergen of the Year” by the American Contact Dermatitis Society.

The CBD market is saturated with low quality fraudulent brands that are propelling misinformation and fraudulent products. It is as if a consumer must have the expertise in the subject to spot such untrustworthy companies: they use scientific-sounding lingo as a distraction and try to trick unsuspecting consumers. High-brow language and confusing technical jargons should actually be a warning to indicate possible fraudulent companies. Always make sure you understand all the risks you take as well as potential benefits you can get.

Should I Buy Nano-emulsified CBD Products?

Your decision on opting for nano CBD over more simpler CBD products must be based on sound criterions as most of the benefits that fraudulent companies claim only nano-CBD can provide, in actuality, can be derived from simply moderating your regular CBD oil’s dosage to allow for similar blood CBD levels in the end. What are the reasons why people actually take them?

If you are using CBD products for the first time, or you have just entered into this field of natural wellness supplements because of nano CBD, you should opt for a simple CBD oil product to start. By gauging it’s effectiveness and noting it as a baseline in case you consider improving your experience by making use of nano CBD products. If you have actually been using a CBD product and find that it is not effective enough for your needs, you might opt to upgrade your CBD product. It is crucial to check and make sure that the quality of the same product that you find ineffective is in fact suitable and the manufacturer is reliable as this could be due to the failure of the manufacturing company rather than CBD oil. The CBD supplement industry is relatively new and is minimally regulated and there are a lot of shady sellers that sell low-quality, or even completely fake products, in the name of nano-CBD oil or natural CBD oil in order to exploit unsuspecting customers.

If it is your aim to make use of CBD oil more effective, strong and quicker, there are a number of ways to improve your use of CBD oils by using natural tricks to improve your body’s ability to absorb CBD into the bloodstream as possible. For example it has been found that eating a full meal before taking CBD oil can be helpful. It is important to include some healthy fats in the meal as well. We can also try the aforementioned method of vigorously swishing CBD oil in the mouth for a few minutes before swallowing in order to spread the oil out on different surfaces of the mouth. One can also include a natural emulsifier like a spoonful of honey when one takes CBD oil. There are many resources online that aid in this pursuit.Have you already been using CBD for a while and have found it effective for your needs but are still looking for something new? This is a common reason for people to opt for nano-CBD oil as they have already seen the effectiveness of normal natural CBD oil in their wellness needs and want to get all the benefits that nano-CBD has to offer.

What to look for when buying CBD Products

It is crucial to take a lot of time to understand all the options available and choose the best natural products from the most reputable companies: opt for a company that presents the best information upfront without resorting to snake oil sales tactics using them as a crutch to push products. So we have compiled this list of tips and tricks and comes to finding the best products for your needs:

Always opt for organic, high-quality extract when it comes to any CBD product. Also pay attention to where and how the agriculture is done in order to obtain the product. Lots of CBD manufacturers are using low quality CBD and advertising them high-quality to mislead unsuspecting consumers. Therefore, one must not get distracted just by the promises of the sellers.

Always check for all the chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process. On the actual products that have a reliable ingredient list, check that it is just water and hemp extract as CBD oil with just a few emulsifiers and stabilizers. One must avoid products that list lots of chemicals that might have adverse effects on the human body. Like for food products, natural CBD should contain the least amount of chemicals possible. If the ingredient list simply lists nano-CBD as an ingredient in the product, one should be aware that they are in fact, hiding the names of some chemicals that were used to create a stable suspension of CBD oil in order to form the nano-CBD oil. If it only contains natural oils like CBD, and coconut oil for example, it can be understood that the product is just using the “nano-” label in order to sell the product without actually having any of the real benefits.

Only buy from a reputable website and if possible check for certification. Many manufacturers and sellers of CBD products use scientific lingo in order to dupe unsuspecting consumers regarding the efficacy of the product. One must not solely rely on the sellers’ words: one should opt for more straightforward companies that actually explain how the products are made, are transparent about what it contains and present all the findings of tests that have been conducted on the product for the benefit of consumers.

Remember that Nano-CBD products are designed to form the tiniest droplets in water in order to increase the absorption mainly in the mouth and into the digestive system; any forms of low concentration CBD products, like CBD water, which does not spend much time in the mouth is likely to be less effective. Or on topical products like CBD Cream. It is always recommended to opt for products that are more concentrated so that they can be held in the mouth for longer with absorption from the mouth itself if one is indeed looking for the benefit of increased absorption of the CBD oil.

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