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What Is Water Soluble CBD?

Remember 2017, when hardly anyone mentioned CBD? We don’t either. Today, cannabidiol (CBD) stands at the precipice of the hemp movement. 

One of our newest crazes, and one we will expand upon in the coming months, is CBD beverages.

CBD beverages use water soluble CBD. It’s the cutting edge in CBD technology. Extracting a hemp plant’s CBD and condensing it into an after-work iced tea takes some serious science. Below, we’ll answer the question, What is water soluble CBD? We’ll also explain why you’ll want to try it and how it can be added to your daily routine.

CBD and Bioavailability

When you consume any compound, be it an Advil for your headache or a sip of juice for your vitamin C, your body only absorbs a certain percentage of that compound. The amount of CBD, for example, that enters your bloodstream and affects your body is called its bioavailability.

Different methods of consuming CBD offer your different bioavailabilities. Swallowing back a CBD oil tincture, for example, has a low bioavailability of about 3%. That’s because the oil must pass through your stomach and liver before reaching your bloodstream. Lots of its efficacy is lost in the journey. Vaping, however, boasts a 30% bioavailability because, once inhaled, your lungs directly transfer the CBD to your system.

In 2019, Balance CBD began to experiment with nanotechnology. Essentially, we wanted to reduce the size of the CBD molecules so that they could easily pass through your stomach wall and liver, increasing bioavailability. Our CBD beverages contain a water soluble nano CBD.

That means when you sip an icy beverage infused with our Blueberry Acai drink enhancer, you’re experiencing a more bioavailable CBD than if you were to dose with a tincture. Bottom line: You’ll feel the effects of our drink enhancers faster and for longer periods of time than other consumption methods.

How Do You Make Water Soluble Nano CBD?

Nanotechnology has been around since the 1990s. Scientists couldn’t tinker with super small molecules until then because they simply couldn’t see them. With the invention of the Atomic Force Microscope followed the field of nanotechnology.

To work with nanotechnology, we’re dealing with very small particles, known as nanometers. A single nanometer represents a size that’s one-billionth of a meter. The size of a single atom, for example, is about half a nanometer. It’s unfathomably small.

To create our water soluble nano CBD, we begin with our high-quality CBD isolate, made from American industrial hemp. While healthy and beneficial on its own, CBD’s an oily compound. So we break it down further through nano emulsification, which helps it to adhere to water molecules.

Nanoemulsion is a more accurate and less wasteful type of emulsion. It combines CBD with liposomes — a type of fat molecule — which sort of weighs it down. Using nanoemulsion boosts the potency of our CBD isolate and infuses it with water. Your liver processes water much faster than oil. That’s why our water soluble CBD has a higher bioavailability than a CBD oil or edible.

Top 5 Reasons to Try Water Soluble CBD

While every CBD product type has its pluses, we think that Balance CBD’s Beverage Enhancers with Nano CBD flaunt some unique benefits. For some, it may be the tastiest and most practical method to add to your day. Below, we detail our favorite reasons to consider trying our new water soluble CBD products.

You can mix it with any beverage

Finding ways to introduce CBD into your day can be a chore. Sometimes you don’t want to scarf back an oil and a sugary edible may turn your stomach in the morning. Unlike a CBD oil or edible, you can mix water soluble CBD with your afternoon tea or evening ginger ale. Those of you that shirk plain old water can slip a teaspoon of our drink enhancer. Since we use natural sweeteners, such as sweet honey leaf, you’ll enjoy the effects of CBD without the syrupy taste and cheap energy of refined sugar, too.

Possesses a high bioavailability

The nanotechnology in our water soluble CBD drink enhancers and beverages changes the way oral CBD interacts with your body. Instead of slowly processing through your stomach and liver, the nano CBD quickly enters your bloodstream. That means you lose less CBD in the digestive tract and feel more per milligram that you would with a CBD oil or edible.

Long-lasting effects

A higher bioavailability also means you’ll feel a sustained effect for longer. While we love our vape products, they only last for around two to three hours. With water soluble CBD, you’ll feel it nearly as long as an edible, around four to five hours. For those of you who desire sustained relief for muscle cramps or illness, CBD beverages could be your answer. Also, gym rats can dose water soluble CBD for support during workout recovery.

Experience Balance CBD’s Drink Enhancers

Our Balance CBD Beverages and Drink Enhancers have excited our customers and helped them find new ways of introducing CBD into their lives. And because of our innovative nano CBD technology, our water soluble products offer you what other CBD products cannot: higher bioavailability and lasting effects.

Don’t forget that we offer free shipping to all 50 states. That’s because CBD derived from American industrial hemp is legal regardless of your state’s cannabis laws. Our CBD drink enhancers ship with an isolate, meaning it’s completely free of THC. They’re also pesticide- and GMO-free.

Check out our growing list of CBD Drink Enhancers with water soluble CBD here. And if you’re craving other CBD products, but don’t know quite what to buy, we have a CBD quiz that’ll point you in the right direction.

You can also buy CBD oils, gummies, capsules and other great products!

We’re here to answer any questions you have about our CBD beverages or other 5-star products, so don’t be afraid to talk to our 24/7 chat.

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