Best Time To Take CBD Oil

CBD Oil is arguably the most convenient, straightforward and affordable way to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol.

Whether you’re a first-time CBD user or a recreational lover of the natural remedy, it’s essential to know when to take the oil for the best results.

It may not seem as if the time you take CBD oil makes a difference in how it works for your mind and body, but it certainly does! Timing impacts how you physically and mentally react to CBD oil.

If you want to experience the versatile health benefits of CBD in full effect, read on to learn all about the best time to take CBD oil.

Best Time Of The Day To Take CBD Oil

The perfect time to enjoy CBD oil comes primarily to preference and comfortability. 

Many CBD users prefer to take it in the morning, evening or both! Taking the oil in the morning usually involves smaller doses to enhance focus and productivity. Whereas, taking CBD oil in the evening involves higher doses to enhance relaxation and rest.

Here’s a swift breakdown of the potential wellness benefits and effects of CBD oil depending on the time of day you take the organic remedy.

Effects and Benefits of CBD Oil in the Morning

Enhances Focus

If you struggle with brain fog and lack of concentration especially in the mornings, taking CBD oil when you wake up may be ideal for you! CBD has been found to support focus by helping the individuals retain their thoughts and improve cognitive function. Many users have reported experiencing a healthy state of calm and balance after taking CBD oil. One of the most popular reasons people use CBD Oil is to help with stress relief and management. When using CBD in the morning, you may find you’re more mentally alert and focused.

Effective Stress Response

Taking CBD oil in the morning has been found to improve stress response and help individuals cope with anxiety and irritation. All too often, life throws unexpected stressors that can be challenging to manage. CBD oil may be a natural, organic way to modulate, relax and slow down a tense nervous system. GABA receptors control the balance between hypoactivity and hyperactivity within the nervous system. CBD oil has been found to regulate GABA activity.

Promotes Muscle Relaxation

When you take CBD oil tinctures in the morning, the remedy may effectively promote muscle relaxation. Muscles are naturally quite tense in the morning and relax throughout the day, however, this process is often slow. CBD oil for muscle relaxation has been found to help with stiff joints, tense muscles and physical discomfort. There are also a number of CBD pain creams for topical muscle and joint relief as well.

Heighten Physical Endurance

If exercising in the morning is a part of your routine, taking CBD oil prior to your physical activity may heighten your endurance. Adding a few drops of CBD oil to your pre-exercise regiment has been found to heighten physical endurance and concentration. The remedy may even warm up the muscles and help boos the regeneration process for quicker recovery.

Effects of CBD Oil At Night

Effective Relaxation After the Day

Whether you have busy, long work days or stressful weekends, taking CBD oil at night may help you relax effectively. CBD oil for relaxation works as an effective, natural remedy to induce calm and relieve the mind and body of stress. Higher doses of CBD oil have been found to promote relaxation for long periods of time and help the individual fall asleep much more quickly. 

Sleep Cycle Support

One of the most common reasons that individuals use CBD oil is for sleep support. CBD oil naturally interacts with the sleep cycle by modulating sleep cycle activity and cycles. Many users report falling asleep faster, sleeping more soundly and feeling refreshed in the mornings when they take CBD oil at night before bedtime. The herbal supplementation may reduce the REM stage disorders impacted by body movements, tremors and noises.

Anxiety Relief At Nighttime

It’s no secret that anxiety can creep up at nighttime and hinder one’s ability to fall and stay asleep during the night. During the day, the mind processes a myriad of information and stimuli which can take a toll on the brain and nervous system into the evening. It can be more challenging for the brain to slow down at the end of the day. Taking CBD oil at night before you rest may effectively curb the thought stream and relieve you of anxiety to induce calm.

When To Take CBD Products

There are a wide variety of CBD oil products that offer various benefits and health support for the mind and body. The type of administration is a key factor in determining the best part of the day to ingest CBD.

Below, we suggest the best time to take CBD product based on its type:

When To Take CBD Oil

CBD Oil should be taken sublingually (underneath the tongue) using the dropper and is then absorbed by the glands in your mouth. When applied under the tongue, the effects of CBD oil may occur more quickly as the oil enters the bloodstream directly.

Allow up to 30 minutes for the effects of the CBD oil. Many users choose to take a few drops of their tincture when they wake up in the morning prior to starting their daily routine. You can even choose to take additional drops throughout the day if you find the results are wearing off.

When To Take CBD Capsules, Edibles and Gummies

CBD Edibles include gummies, capsules and even other treats. These products are designed to be slow-fused and the effects take more time to kick in than CBD oil. The slower onset is because the edible needs to pass through the body’s gastrointestinal tract. Effects from CBD edibles usually take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to develop.

You can take your CBD edible along with a meal, prior to or all on its own! The best time to take CBD edibles is usually in the evening, especially if the product is designed to promote relaxation, rest and sleep. However, daytime gummies can be taken in the morning as a replacement for CBD oil.

When To Take CBD Topicals

Any type of topical formulation is designed to support and treat localized issues and physical discomfort. CBD topicals, especially CBD pain cream, should be taken when you need pain management or support for discomfort instead of in the morning or evening solely. The CBD absorbs into the bloodstream and targets the cannabinoid receptors in the epidermis layer of the skin to produce soothing and relaxing effects.

Final Thoughts On When The Best Time To Take CBD Oil

Ultimately, the best time to take CBD oil is based on preference and what you’re hoping to achieve for mental and physical health support. Speak with your doctor prior to adding CBD products to your life and keep an eye on how your brain and body respond to various dosage types and times of day you’re taking CBD. With time, you will have a better idea of what the most effective type of CBD dosage is for you and what time works best for you.


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