Top 5 Vaping Mistakes and Recommendations

There are plenty of reasons to start vaping your CBD. It tastes great, doesn’t contain combustible materials, and out of all the ways you can dose CBD, vaping may be the most efficient.

That’s because vaping’s bioavailability, the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream, is nearly double that of ingesting oils and edibles. Not only is it efficient, but you’ll also experience the effects quickly.

But for all its positives, vaping can be daunting. Since it’s modern conception in 2006, the e-cigarette format has evolved. Now, there are dozens of companies that sell impressive vapes and mods; your options are endless.

Balance CBD is here to help. If you’re new to vaping and need some tips before you make your purchase, we’ve detailed the top 5 mistakes to avoid while starting your CBD vaping journey. Check out these mistakes to avoid below.

The Basic Components of a Vape

Before we look at the snags that await the budding vape enthusiast, let’s briefly look at what’s inside a vape. This way, we can better understand the common mistakes. There are dozens of vape models on the market, but every vape has a few main components.

Mouthpiece: Your primary experience with a vape is the mouthpiece. It’s a plastic or metal tip that freely allows air to pass through the vape and into your mouth.

Liquid Cartridge: Your CBD-infused e-liquid is stored inside this refillable cartridge, the cartridge screws onto the top of the vape. 

Atomizer: The atomizer vaporizes the CBD-infused liquid stored in the chamber. Inside the vaporizer are a coil and a piece of cotton, known as a wick, soaked in the CBD-infused liquid. The battery heats the coil and when hot enough, the coil vaporizes the liquid drenched on the wick, creating vapour.

Battery: The battery is the engine of your vape. It must output enough energy to super-heat the atomizer, and also big enough to store the power that’ll last you all day. Most vape batteries are enhanced versions of the ones you find in TV remotes and flashlights.

The 5 Common Recommendations to Avoid Beginner Vaping Mistakes

  1. Research, Research, Research

This is easily the biggest mistake made by vape initiates. Jumping into CBD vapes without taking a moment to appreciate the culture can lead to uninformed decisions and buyer’s remorse.

The world of vaping is complex. Since its first appearance as an antidote to cigarettes, vaping has evolved into a vibrant subculture. Many vape enthusiasts are passionate about their clouds, coils, and juices.

One visit to a local vape shop will prove how many products there are to choose from. Some are meant to mimic the pull of a cigarette while others are designed for niche hobbyists, known as vape trickers.

Decide for yourself what you’re after—Google search for an hour or two and read up on the pros and cons of various vapes. Just know that if you’re after thick, billowy clouds of sweet-smelling vapor, then you must buy a bigger, more powerful vaporizer.

But for those specifically looking to enjoy the relaxing benefits of CBD, we provide a few convenient options. Check out our cartridges, which use standard refillable tanks that attach to vapes sold in shops across the country. Or if you’re looking for the most painless purchase ever, test out our vape pens.

  1. Know Your Dose

CBD oil isn’t the same as CBD e-liquid. And dosing with e-liquid doesn’t work quite the same. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding how much CBD you’re consuming per puff, and many vape beginners don’t know their dosing threshold. However, a little napkin math can rectify this.

Say you have one of our 200mg CBD cartridges. Well, one cartridge provides anywhere from 100 to 200 puffs. Therefore, you’ll be enjoying 1-2 mg per puff.

Remember, there are more factors to consider other than my dose approximation. How deeply you inhale, the amount of atomization your vape outputs, and the mouthpiece’s airflow all play a part, too.

  1. Respect the Battery

Batteries may seem like a benign resource, but vapes stress batteries more than your average device, and that means they can malfunction.  

Only charge your vape with the included cord. A vape draws half the power of comparable tech, like a phone, and charging your vape with other chargers can cause battery degradation.

An improperly charged battery will lose its memory faster, and you’ll soon find yourself buying a replacement vape or purchasing extra batteries.

And those spare batteries? Don’t carry them in your pockets with your keys and other metal items. When metal touches a battery it can cause a short and kill the battery, or worse – it’ll explode.

At the least, consult your vape’s instructions, or ask your local vape shop’s knowledgeable attendant what the best charging practices are with your vape.

  1. Check Your Airflow

When not enjoying a CBD vape, we toss them in purses, pockets, and bags. Rolling around, the vape’s mouthpiece can jam up with lint or other castoff bits.

A blocked passageway causes a few problems. First, it makes it difficult to pull from the vape. So your puffs aren’t nearly as effective as you imagine. And second, the lack of airflow means your coil can overheat.

Overheated coils burn through your CBD-infused juice quicker, so you’ll be buying another cartridge sooner than you thought.

To remedy these nuisances, keep a paperclip handy and scrape out your mouthpiece every few weeks. It’ll take you less than a minute and save you time and money.

  1. Traveling? Buy Disposable

Regardless of how much you spent on your vape, you don’t want to lose it. That’s why I travel with a disposable vape when flying or car tripping across a border.

Although the glass is tough on vape cartridges, they aren’t unbreakable. I’ve had cartridges crack in heavy baggage.

Plus, airports and borders to the north and south of us prohibit all CBD products. Security and border personnel can detain you, or at the very least, they can confiscate your vape.

The remedy? Travel with our disposable vape pens. That way, you can enjoy CBD while on the road or in a new state, then be rid of it before entering the airport or arriving at the border.

Our disposable vapes come in delicious flavours like Strawberry Lemonade and Vanilla Chamomiile and provide upwards of 200 puffs per device.

Relax and Enjoy the Experience

This may seem like a lot of information, but after a couple read-throughs, you’ll be able to vape CBD without the beginner headaches.

No matter how you vape, make sure to relax and enjoy one of the most satisfying methods of experiencing the calming effects of hemp-based CBD.

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