Can you fly with CBD? The ultimate guide for CBD and air travel

Flying with CBD: How to Travel Safely with CBD

Like bread and butter, CBD and air travel are a perfect match.

If you just can’t stand airports CBD products such as our Cotton Candy gummies can help make help make your flight feel so much smoother!

Many, including me, want nothing more than to catch a few hours of sleep on a plane.   Right now, the reality surrounding CBD and airports in the US is complicated. Although hemp-based CBD products are legal, as with any new law, the real world hasn’t quite adjusted.

aReversing the long-standing band on products that affect your cannabinoid system will take time. For now, it’s best to follow the rules.

What are the rules surrounding CBD? Let’s find out.

While Hemp-Based CBD Is Legal, the TSA Hasn’t Updated Their Policy

After President Trump signed the Farm Bill in 2018, products containing industrial hemp, like ours at Balance CBD, were legalized.

But the TSA’s CBD policy has yet to adapt to the Farm Bill. On their webpage dedicated to medical marijuana, they state that “possession of marijuana and cannabis infused products, such as Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, is illegal under federal law.”  

Even though our CBD oils aren’t extracted from cannabis, there’s no proof that the TSA  differentiates between sources of CBD.

And although Customs officers aren’t searching for your CBD, if they find it in your luggage, it’s up to you to prove your product derives from hemp.

The CBD products you purchase should indicate where they source their ingredients. While we can prove our products are from industrial hemp, many competitors lack such transparency.

The TSA says that, ultimately, “the final decision rests with the TSA officer whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.” That means if you can’t convince the officer your CBD consumable is hemp-based, you’re in for a headache.

Is CBD Legal in my State? State by State Guide

You’ll have fewer issues passing through airport checkpoints where cannabis is legal than states where it’s illegal. That’s because TSA officers in a state like Denver will be more open to your legal CBD products. Either way, remember to adhere to the TSA’s carry-on liquids policy.

A map, like this one, and the one below can help you decide which states are more likely to let you through a security checkpoint while carrying CBD.

Marijuana Laws in the USA

But TSA officers are like the rest of us—they can have bad days. No matter where you’re flying from, some officers may believe the label on your Balance CBD tincture and others may not. Carrying medical documentation could get you a pass, but again, the final decision rests with the TSA officer.

The whole reason you’re bringing CBD with you is to maintain a calm, positive state of mind. It’s up to you if the added stress of dealing with the TSA’s rules is worth it.

For now, the safest option is to leave your CBD oil at home. Although TSA officers aren’t law enforcement, they can detain you and call them up.

Our products contain no THC; we remove even trace amounts during the CO2 extraction process. But the wait for testing, if detained, can cause you to miss your flight.

Flying Internationally? Don’t Bring Your CBD

While the US marches towards legalization, many parts of the world aren’t so open-minded.

I don’t recommend bringing CBD with you on any trip outside the United States. Most countries around the world consider CBD synonymous with THC and cannabis.

Even if you’re travelling to or from a country that has legalized cannabinoids like CBD, do not fly with it. Countries with recreational cannabis maintain rigid border policies.

On the Government of Canada’s website, for example, they state that “the legalization of cannabis in Canada does not change Canada’s border rules,” and getting caught with it “can result in serious criminal penalties both at home and abroad.”

Doesn’t get much clearer than that, does it?

How to Have Your CBD and Take it Too

So, here’s the gist: while legal to bring hemp-based CBD oils and edibles with you on a domestic flight, you can run into trouble depending on factors like state laws, the TSA officer, blind luck, and the phase of the moon.

Seriously, even with the proper documentation, you’re leaving yourself open to the whims of fate. When the new law has settled and each state has had time to reconcile hemp-based CBD oil, we’ll update you. Just don’t expect the TSA to change their policy soon.

Until then, I recommend three options to enjoy your CBD while flying.

  1. Dose Before Your Flight

    Taking your CBD at home prior to check-in eliminates the stress and risk of getting fleeced by a Customs officer. We have an entire selection curated to uplift you, perfect for your next trip.

  2. Buy When You Land

    Many cities around the country sell CBD products. Even states with strict cannabis laws are seeing shops open with CBD infused drinks, food, and tinctures.

    While we love your business, we want you to enjoy CBD in any way you feel most comfortable. If you think it’s safer to buy CBD locally until you’re back home, then that’s what you should do. Wherever you buy your CBD, purchase hemp-based, broad-spectrum oils. That way you abide by the current federal regulations.

  3. Ship to Your Destination

    While flying with CBD could pose a problem, shipping it across the country remains safe and legal. If you know where you’re staying, you can order from our site and enjoy once you land.

    Most hotels will gladly hold a package for their guests, and the same goes with Airbnb. To be safe, I suggest checking the establishment’s policies. Good karma lasts a lifetime.

Calm Air Travel Is Here

Air travel will always involve issues outside of your control, like tempestuous weather cancellations or irksome lost luggage claims, but your CBD dose doesn’t have to be one of them.  

You’ll just need to take a few precautions. With a little planning, you can ease check-in stress, take-off jitters, and post-flight aches. So, remember to check out Balance CBD’s full list of products before your next flight!

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