CBD Eye Drops For Ocular Pain: Is It Safe?

Most ocular eye tissues are rich in cannabinoid receptors – as well as other parts of the body, including the brain. The brain is also where visual pictures are interpreted for a good vision. These facts combined make CBD a common supplement for those suffering from eye related conditions. The constantly growing hemp market has inevitably expanded to all kinds of products and the development of CBD eye drops was only a matter of time.

Reports regarding CBD eye drops are still in an incipient stage and reports are conflicting, especially when it comes to certain medical conditions. No matter where you are, it is best to avoid taking CBD supplementation by ear when it comes to eye related problems, but discuss this potential supplementation with your specialist doctor. Now, what else should you know before considering CBD eye drops?

How CBD eye drops are made

CBD drops are based on CBD. The cannabis component is mixed into a viscous formula to ensure an easy administration. This solution is usually light and can easily go through the eye and reach every part of it. At the same time, it is not too thick, so it will not impair the vision. Based on some research studies, it looks like most brands rely on mineral oil, which is generally safe for the human eye.

Mineral oil is not toxic for the body and it is fairly simple to absorb. Compared to other oils, it is not too sticky and will work wonders when mixed with water – opposed to other types of oil. Since eyes require consistent moisturizing, it looks like a good choice for the CBD eye drops.

So far, there are not too many CBD drops on the market. A brand has opened the path to this industry, but many other names are following closely.


How CBD eye drops actually work

The Phyto cannabinoids associated with cannabis are oily substances. This is why CBD is easy to integrate with fats – and actually recommended with healthy fats when taken in edibles. However, the corner has more layers and the one on top is quite hydrophilic. Oil and water do not really mix, yet CBD is a bit more successful than other oils. From this point of view, CBD eye drops may not be as efficient as other types of drops.

As a direct consequence, the new CBD eye drops are rich in liposomes. These fatty compounds are common in supplements and drugs. Their primary role is to increase the absorption in the body. In terms of shape, they are spherical and they feature hydrophilic parts. Liposomes in CBD eye drops are responsible for easing the absorption by ensuring a good penetration of the top layer of the cornea.

CBD is often confused with THC, yet they are completely different compounds of cannabis. THC is the one responsible for the psychoactive effects. It interacts with the body in a completely different way. This is one of the reasons wherefore the FDA contraindicates CBD eye drops for various conditions. The research on their efficiency is conflicting, so the effects on the ocular pressure are not really known.

When to take CBD eye drops

Whenever you need them! Just remember that the research on CBD eye drops is ongoing and that you should see a doctor before using them. 


Best brands behind CBD eye drops

There are a few brands turning to CBD eye drops these days though, but the market is still relatively new.

How safe CBD eye drops actually are

It is perfectly normal to feel a bit confused with the conflicting research, so you will inevitably ask yourself – are CBD eye drops safe for you? The truth is based on their proven effects, CBD eye drops could make an excellent supplement in terms of ocular wellness. CBD eye drops can be used to support the eyes, but also to administer CBD in a different way if edibles, oils or topical solutions do not work for you.

Now, just like for anything else in life, it pays off discussing this option with your specialist doctor first. Your doctor will be able to make better recommendations based on the conditions you suffer from – if any. A professional can determine whether CBD eye drops can improve a particular situation or help with the maintenance.

Most doctors are already experienced with CBD because of its increasing popularity. They know what it works best with, as well as what it is contraindicated for. With these thoughts in mind, only a specialist doctor can assess your wellness objective and goals before making any recommendations.​ If you still do not feel confident, no need to worry. There are many other ways to include CBD into your daily routine that keeps you safe from any unexpected CBD overdose.


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