Does CBD Oil Expire? What Is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

Pretty much every product out there has a shelf life and the CBD oil makes no exception either. The shelf life is how long a product is usable and suitable for the consumption.

Sure, there are things out there that can last for years, as well as things that can barely last for a few days.

Now, what is the shelf life of CBD oil? Does it tend to lose its efficiency in the long run? How long can you keep a bottle before it is no longer suitable for consumption?

What you should know about the shelf life of CBD

There are more factors that can affect the shelf life of CBD and each of them must be taken into consideration – in other words, different products will provide different results in the long run. Most importantly, you will have to pay attention to the quality of the product, the storage and the actual packaging.


Quality of the CBD oil

Whether it is CBD, a pair of jeans, a car or a washing machine, quality products last longer than poorly quality alternatives – the same rule applies to CBD oil too. opt for a high quality product and it will last longer than some random item purchased for no money.

It all starts with the origins, yet there are a few things that you may not be able to control. For example, the quality of the hemp is the initial aspect to think about. Then, there are more methods to get the CBD out of hemp and each of them provides different quality standards. Both these elements will affect the shelf life of the product.

Hemp cultivated in a soil rich in nutrients with the right level of irrigation and no chemicals will be better. At the same time, using professional extraction methods will also affect the shelf life – much better than hemp grown in poor conditions and CBD extracted in an unprofessional manner.

Packaging of the CBD oil

Packaging is often overlooked, but it will also affect the quality and shelf life of your CBD oil. For instance, a tincture based on CBD oil will retain its quality over a longer period of time if stored in a blue or amber dropper bottle – this is why many brands rely on such recipients.

CBD oil can be ruined by the exposure to air, light and heat. A constant exposure to these elements will alter the terpenes and cannabinoids in its composition, meaning it will lose its efficiency. Packaging does make the difference when considering CBD oil, so pay attention to the brand’s choice.

Storage condition of CBD oil

Storage goes hand in hand with the packaging – the primary goal is to protect the CBD oil against a series of factors. Packaging is not everything though, as the storage is just as important. Store your oil in direct sunlight and leave the recipient open – it makes no difference how good the packaging is then.

Ideally, CBD oil should be stored in a dark and cool environment. You do not necessarily have to keep it in the fridge, but find a dark corner in a cabinet or a drawer. It should be relatively cool and there should be no light whatsoever – the necessity of great storage is even more important if you buy high quality oil.


The appropriate way to store CBD oil

So, you have done your homework. You know what the best brands on the market are and your decision is backed by numerous reviews. You invest in a high quality CBD oil from a brand with a great reputation. Chances are you will get a dropper bottle in blue or amber. From this point on, retaining the quality is entirely up to you. If you want the CBD oil to maintain its quality for ages, you better follow a few simple rules.

Keep your CBD oil away from light

According to the PubMed portal, light is the main factor that can kill cannabinoids. Whether it is natural sunlight or artificial light, the constant exposure can seriously ruin the efficiency of CBD. There are no reasons whatsoever to display your CBD bottle along with other bottles in the window, so keep it in a dark place.

Top notch manufacturers try their best to filter light with their bottles, but this is not entirely possible. If left in a lit location, the CBD oil will lose its freshness much faster. Therefore, keep it in a cupboard or cabinet, away from appliances that may cause heat.

It is worth noting that CBD oil can be frozen, but you can also keep it in a refrigerator – not mandatory though. However, if you live in a hot climate, you will have to keep it away from heat.

Store your CBD oil where there is not heat

As a general rule of thumb, CBD oil will maintain its freshness for longer if the temperature is cool. Heat will affect the chemical composition of oil. It will not ruin the properties of CBD oil, but it can alter the quality. Plus, the oil may end up looking cloudy.

Keeping CBD oil in the refrigerator is a good idea, but not mandatory. You can practically store it away from light, but you also ensure heat will not affect its quality. You can also wrap it in an aluminum foil while in the fridge if you want to avoid the exposure to the fridge light whenever you open the door.

If you need to keep the CBD oil with you in work or a different place, make sure you do not leave it in your car, unless the temperature outside is really low. Should you have to travel over long distances, keep it in the boot if you have to warm your car.

If you barely use the CBD oil, you can preserve its quality and shelf life by freezing it. Freezing it will not really solidify it. However, it could get cloudy and thick. The same rule applies if you only keep it for emergencies – throw it in the freezer for a longer lifespan.

Avoid the air exposure

Professional manufacturers store and sell their CBD oil in bottles that will also prevent the air exposure. Air will also kill the cannabinoids in the oil and will reduce its shelf life.

The exposure to oxygen will affect the chemical composition of multiple products and the CBD oil is one of them – the process is known as oxidative stress. The constant exposure to oxygen will alter the quality and reduce the shelf life.

Ideally, CBD oil should be kept in its original container. The lid must be well tightened. If you do have to transfer the oil to a different recipient, ensure it is airtight or you will ruin its composition.


What is the shelf life of CBD oil when stored correctly?

Failing to store CBD oil responsibly will alter the quality and the shelf life based on how inappropriate the storage is. If you follow the basic rules, CBD oil should have a shelf life of 12 to 24 months. It may last even longer if you follow every rule in the book.

Storing CBD oil by the book ensures its potency is not reduced, while the quality remains high. At the same time, you want to gain as many benefits as you can, hence the necessity of following these rules.

Different people go through CBD oil at different rates. If you plan to store it for months or even more than a year, the freezer might be a better choice. Other than that, it is not really necessary. Simply stick to a dark, cool and dry cupboard or drawer. Make sure heat and light exposure are out of discussion and preserve its airtight storage by screwing the lid back on when you finish using it.

How to extend the shelf life of your CBD oil

Bottom line, there are no doubts about it – the shelf life of CBD oil depends on a few factors. Two products may have different standards regarding the shelf life. The overall quality of the oil, as well as the way you store it, will make the difference in the long run.

The CBD oil is recommended for a plethora of different situations and affections. But to reap all those benefits, you need to give it the right attention in terms of storage. Make sure you buy it from a reputable brand and you should be able to use it for months with no issues at all.


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