Green Roads CBD Review – A Comparison vs Balance CBD


CBD oil is all the rage these days. Consumers are flocking to CBD brands in search of this burgeoning wellness product, reviews talk about relief from daily aches and pains or the symptoms of anxiety.

Of course, these unique oils service more than just daily wear and tear and have shown efficacy as a sleep aid.

For the consumer there’s a lot of information to digest and selecting the right oil or the right method of consumption is intimidating. To understand which product is best for you, it’s important to know the facts.

balance cbd vs green roads: how do we compare with green roads cbd?

Both brands are respected in the CBD industry, and both offer full spectrum oils (all cannabinoids including THC content), but only Balance CBD offers you the opportunity to experience the full effects of the entourage effect via the terpene rich profile found in their Harlequin Terpene Infused CBD Oil.

Brand Balance CBD Green Roads CBD
Price $24.95 – $129.95 $44.99 – $149.99
Concentrations 5 3
Potency Range 500mg to 5000mg 300mg – 1500mg
Lab Tested  Yes Yes
Doctor or Pharmacist Formulated Yes Yes
Terpene Infused Range Yes No
All Natural Products? Yes No
Return Policy 30 Day Risk-Free Trial 30 Day

At Balance CBD we make sure that all of our products are made using natural ingredients.

Green Roads CBD Gummies actually contain Titanium Dioxide (Colour), FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Yellow #6, Red #40! Yellow #5 is also reffered to as Tartrazine. Tartrazine is known to cause many adverse health affects. You can read medically reviewed articles at Science Direct.

If you’re looking for CBD gummies – or any CBD product with no artificial ingredients then you need to explore our selection of CBD products today!

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CBD for Pets

CBD Oil for Dogs

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What is CBD and Where does it come from?

CBD is interchangeable with Cannabinol; an organic compound derived from the Hemp Plant. Hemp has remained a staple in the manufacturing industry for decades, and is still used for a variety of purposes, including; clothing, insulation, foods, soaps, cosmetics, and more. Despite the many uses of hemp, the product’s association with Marijuana has loomed large in the past.

CBD has changed the stigma surrounding this incredible plant. CBD is extracted from all parts of the hemp plant — flowers, buds, and stems. In addition to the

CBD that is extracted, compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids are also found in the plant and are infused into CBD oils to enhance the positive effects. When THC is added into the equation, these compounds work together to provide even more efficacy, referred to as the entourage effect.

Opinions surrounding THC vary, but consumers can have confidence in the knowledge that all CBD products sold in the United States must contain less than 0.3% THC — too low of a concentration to make the consumer feel “high”. For those who prefer to avoid THC altogether, there are isolates which contain no THC at all.

CBD products can include additional cannabinoids or feature a terpene infused profile, and these products come in many forms. Choosing the right method of absorption is important and it’s best to find a method that fits with your lifestyle.

Our CBD is sourced naturally, and grown in some of the very best farms in America!

What are the most common CBD products?

As with any competitive industry, CBD is now marketed through a number of different products in order to cater to a large consumer base. But for all intents and purposes, the most common CBD products are gummies and capsules, muscle creams, and oil tinctures.

Choosing the right method of consumption is a matter of taste and a question of lifestyle: What works for you and what are your goals?

  • Oils and Tinctures: Oils are the most common method of consumption, taken sublingually, the oil produces fast acting results and can whisk users away from pain and anxiety in quick order. Oil can also be infused with the beverage of your choice — whether that’s morning tea or sparkling water.
  • CBD gummies and capsules: CBD gummies are without a doubt the most tantalizing way to take CBD. When made properly, the gummies have no “hemp taste” and come in a selection of fruit flavours. Gummies also make it easy to manage your dosage. With either 5mg or 10mg gummies, increasing or decreasing dosage is as easy as eating or not eating a gummy. Capsules provide the same positive impacts as gummies and are swallowed like any other gel cap.
  • Topicals: CBD topicals come in many forms but are commonly marketed as muscle creams and lotions. There’s a key distinction between the oils found in tinctures and the oils found in topicals; topicals must penetrate the skin to provide a real benefit, which only occurs if the lotions are made using nano-technology such as the Dani Pepper CBD lube and Balance CBD Muscle Relief Cream

Balance cbd's commitment to you

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CBD for Pets

CBD Oil for Dogs

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