Is CBD Lube right for your sex life?

In this article, you’ll find out what we actually know about using CBD oils in the bedroom from the best sources available. What are the truths behind CBD Lubes and related CBD oils and topicals in the market today? How well do CBD based products serve in the bedroom? What effects do CDB lubes and CBD oils have on your vagina? Do they have short and long term effects? Read on to find out more. You will be using the CBD products in no time, it’s a guarantee. Without doubt, one of the first and most effective steps to take in order to enhance your experiences in the bedroom is to use a good lubricating product. There are however, a plethora of brands in the market in all price brackets. Not all products serve the user equally as they are based upon a variety of products, each with a unique effect. CBD oil has served many uses and is a staple ingredient in many personal products and natural lubricants. If you are looking to get more info on the suitability and effectiveness of the product you have found the right place: Do read on till the end to clear all doubts and get all the relevant knowledge based on the very forefront of the latest research data on the subject. The vagina has the most delicate ecosystems of helpful, healthy bacterias: they maintain a slightly acidic environment to guarantee a healthy and problem free reproductive system. It is therefore crucial to know what we should and shouldn’t introduce to the ecosystem to ensure we do not harm the vagianal flora. Not unlike the gut bacteria that play a crucial role in your digestive tract, the microbes are the end-all be-all of our health. For the digestive system, we make use of probiotic food products and supplements in the hopes of populating their digestive tracts with the helpful microbes. Our vagina’s best friends are Lactobacilli bacteria that convert natural starches (glycogen) in our vaginas into lactic acid, which keeps the pH low (acidic) and prevents any foreign and harmful microbes from gaining an advantage over our immune system, invading the community within the vagina’s bacterial ecosystem: Without strong populations of Lactobacillus we suffer more frequently from bacterial vaginosis (commonly called “BV”). Things that affect the vaginal flora could damage the biomes natural balance: antibiotics, chemical preservatives, changing hormones, unfamiliar foreign bacteria on shared adult toys or even the ones on a partner’s skin and body parts. Some women get vaginal infections after getting intimate with a new partner, taking medications, or introducing foriegn materials to the vagina like food products. So is it true that CBD based Lube are best for your vagina? CBD lubes like “O” BY DANI PEPPER™ are undoubtedly a pleasure to use: it’s all-natural neutral mix is perfectly blended to provide a soothing and healing experience for the female genitalia. An intoxicating blend of aphrodisiacs and CBD lube brings a blissful boost to the bedroom, soothing dryness and discomfort and unlocking new heights of sensual pleasure. The internet is overflowing with claims about what happens when you use CBD lubes on your private parts. To help sort through the nonsense and find the truth, here’s a list of some of the most common things people say about using CBD oils during sex, diving deep into what the science actually says.

Do CBD oils increase your risk for a vaginal infection? No.

It is better to be cautious without reason than to risk harm: Some reporters have warned that CBD oil could lead to an infection by changing your vagina’s flora. While there are rumors circulating online that CBD oils can increase the risk of vaginal infections, the users in the bedroom know that is untrue . In fact studies have found the claims to be unfounded, for example during a study, the following were the findings: Researchers interviewed and tested 141 women for two different types of vaginal infections: Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and candidiasis (yeast infection). Only 11 women reported putting oils in their vaginas, with an emphasis on “baby oil” — a perfumed petroleum product. Of these 11 oil-using women, 5 also tested positive for candidiasis. This paper did not deal with the effects of natural plant-based oils on the vagina. The researchers also state that too few women were tested to draw any real conclusions about oil and yeast infections. The real reasons behind such stories are synthetics: Perfumed products (including fragrant laundry detergents) are a frequent culprit behind unhealthy troubled vaginas. One thing we can say with confidence as research has shown this to be true: that oral sex increases your susceptibility to yeast infections. If you’ve gotten a yeast infection after using CBD oil in the past, perhaps it was because it made you taste so darn good? In fact the cases of Lubes being responsible for vagianal infections is due to introducing Vaseline in your vagina, which increases your risk for bacterial vaginosis (BV) and the fact that water-based lubes with high osmolality increase your risk for contracting STDs.

Do natural oils have antibacterial effects? No.

There are voices on both sides of the debate that get this issue wrong. While people try to use the antibacterial properties of many natural chemicals like, for example, lauric acid (a component of many natural oils) to claim that either CBD lube with its natural oils is useful in killing harmful microbes or, on the other side of the debate, to argue that it adversely affects helpful bacteria and disrupt healthy vagina flora. While it may seem logical on the surface, a thorough understanding of the issue completely debunks both ideas. The crux of the issue lies in the quality and virginity of the natural oils used : in fresh all-natural virgin oil products antibacterial fatty acids are bound in triglycerides that completely restrict their activities. This is the reason why researchers found that despite the antibacterial properties of some natural oil products, virgin natural oils, for example coconut oils, are completely unable to affect healthy bacteria in the vagina anyway. Some people also use natural oils to gargle in order to fight tooth decay and gum issues. While claims that they killed harmful microbes in the mouth are unfounded, research does show that plant oils can play an important role in emulsifying plaque in the mouth, thus, helping oral hygiene.

Do natural oils have antifungal properties? Potentially.

Antifungal and antibacterial are fundamentally different properties of natural oils in lubricant products. Well bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics, fungal infections require antifungal treatment like in the case of yeast infections. Lauric acid, a common ingredient in many natural oils, is clearly anti-fungal and research suggests many virgin natural oils could also be antifungal. If this is confirmed, then it seems that fungus like yeast are more susceptible to low concentrations of free lauric acid that are present in virgin natural oils then bacteria. It could also be the case that natural oils contain other antifungal components. Many users swear to the fact that natural oils have helped them fight Yeast infections. Despite the fact large numbers of women testify to this fact, these evidences are only anecdotal, and therefore unreliable to say the least. While it is accepted as a natural remedy there are many more effective alternatives.

Do natural oils change your vagina flora? Unsure.

While it is certain that fresh virgin natural oils do not kill off bacteria inside the genitalia, it is still uncertain whether they serve as food to any microbes.Generally natural oils do not degrade at room temperature for months, and it is uncommon for microbes to feed on, and make use of, natural oils. It must also be made clear that this does also depend upon the individual, in that people’s vaginal flora vary greatly and some individuals might be more susceptible to some adverse effects. Like the differences in gut microbes among individuals affect the ability of people to digest food properly, so do the abilities of our vaginas to handle the different things we put into it. It is because of this that one cannot be guaranteed about the effects of natural oils on your vagina as it has not been tested enough, and one is likely to have a highly individualized experience in this respect. Evidently every lubricant used can potentially affect the vaginal flora even the bodily bodily fluids like saliva. It is therefore most important to take care of the bacterial community of your vagina to keep it healthy by experimenting and properly observing the facts just like one might do in finding the suitable feeding habit and dietary plans for one’s unique gut ecosystem. That being said, masses of people swear to the fact that natural version oils have helped them push their vagina flora in a positive direction, despite few claiming adverse effects.

Should I use CBD oil and lube with latex condoms? Not always.

It is most important to understand not all oils can be used with latex condoms. While it is not the fault of the natural oils in lube, studies found that condoms soaked in different lubricants have affected the ease with which they burst. It does not always matter if you use natural plant-based virgin oils or synthetic petroleum gels. In fact, baby oil performed the worst in such tests causing condoms to burst most easily. Mineral oils and other natural oils also clearly reduced the ability of condoms to handle stress.Even hands on tests where participants used a variety of different loops and condoms in different combinations, found that oil based lubricants increase breakage, though the increase was not statistically significant. It can clearly be seen that the scientist found that the answer to the question of using latex products and oil products and lubes together was a mostly no. However, “O” BY DANI PEPPER™, our water-based CBD lubricant can be used with latex and silicone condoms and toys. To those of us who do not require the services of condoms, natural CBD lube is the perfect all natural alternative to synthetic chemicals. It must also be noted that both yeast infection treatments, as well as a general moisturizer can affect the integrity of latex condoms. Therefore one must make sure the products are labeled condoms safe and if not some backup method of contraception is used. If however, you are using an older condom that has been sitting in your pocket for a while, using a water-based lube can actually decrease the rate at which such condoms degrade. So keep this fact in mind next time you use one in that case. To sum up the cautionary instructions, these are some of the cases when one should opt out of using CBD lubes: when using latex products it is strongly advised to avoid many oil-based lubricating products as mentioned earlier. One should not opt out of using a condom in order to use lube. Also oil on any sexual organs or places of skin skin can compromise and negatively affect the strength of the condom. Silicon-based lubricants are also available and an alternative to water-based lube in some cases. One must also be careful when using plastic sex toys as not all of them are completely compatible with lubricants. It is best to opt for pure silicone toys (both hard and soft ones) and avoid lubricating oil with unknown plastic materials. It is best to not use any toys made from materials that you are uncertain of: the safest way to use skin-soft toys is to use them in conjunction with condoms and water-based lube. In general soft plastics are most affected by oils. Oils can also stain clothing items or bedding but will come off with hot water and detergent. Sometimes pre-soaking with baking soda helps to get tough stains out. Lastly, it should be very clear when one is allergic to natural oils like CBD oil: if you have allergic reactions to CBD products you should avoid CBD lube as there are some alternatives available in the marketplace. You should always try small amounts of natural oils and lubes on a sensitive area of the skin and/or around your vagina in order to make sure it all goes well in the bedroom. Also make sure to use fresh and high quality CBD products and make sure to read up on the products and their proper usage keeping the product fresh and away from contamination.

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