Is THC Toxic To Dogs?

THC Toxic For Dogs

As a dog owner, it’s natural to be concerned about the effects of THC on your furry friend. Recent studies have highlighted that cannabis products containing this psychoactive compound need to be taken into close consideration when around our four-legged friends.

Wondering if your pup might be suffering from cannabis exposure? Ask yourself: have my furry friend gotten into any edibles, buds or been subject to secondhand smoke? If so, they may have elevated THC levels in their system – and this can cause a range of side effects. When it comes to canine safety with regard to marijuana use, keeping an eye out is the best policy!

Cannabis intoxication can have worrying side effects in dogs, so all pet owners who use THC products should be aware of the potential risks.

Is THC Toxic to Dogs?

As cannabis use has become more widespread, so have the number of inquires to pet poison control services regarding marijuana exposure. In just six years, reports for pets that had consumed THC rose almost 450%, and in 2019 alone calls about exposed animals increased by a staggering 765%.

After 1996, when 16 states began to legalize medical marijuana, the number of pets exposed to THC skyrocketed. According to a study conducted at two Colorado veterinary hospitals between 2011-2012 that focused on reported cases of marijuana toxicosis in dogs living in legal medical marijuana states – the rate had quadrupled since legalization.

THC is a controversial topic when it comes to Fido’s health. Whether found in marijuana edibles or Delta-9 THC gummies sourced from hemp, ingesting the substance can be risky for our canine companions. Understanding how and why should help us make decisions that keep them safe!

Will THC Get Your Dog High?

Have you ever thought about the potential effects of accidental marijuana exposure on your pet? Dogs, like humans, can be negatively impacted by both ingestion and second-hand smoke inhalation.

It’s true, even a single dose of THC can send your pup on an out-of-this world trip. If they munch down one of your edibles or breathe in cannabis smoke secondhand – there is no doubt Fido will experience its effects!

If Fido accidentally gets into your cannabis stash, don’t panic! While THC toxicity in dogs can be serious and even dangerous if it goes untreated, the symptoms are often mild when caught early. We’ll take a look at what those signs may include so you know exactly how to keep Spot safe from any potential harm.

Symptoms of THC Toxicity in Dogs

If Fido accidentally gets into your cannabis stash, don’t panic! While THC toxicity in dogs can be serious and even dangerous if it goes untreated, the symptoms are often mild when caught early. We’ll take a look at what those signs may include so you know exactly how to keep Spot safe from any potential harm.

THC ingestion in dogs can be toxic, with symptoms appearing anywhere from a few minutes to several hours after consumption. Inhaling the substance tends to cause quicker and more intense reactions than oral intake.

When it comes to consuming THC, dogs are much more sensitive than humans – a mere puff of cannabis smoke is enough for them to start feeling its effects! The amount they consume can also vary greatly; while some pooches may already be affected at low doses, others need greater amounts before experiencing any impact.

It’s important to stay vigilant when it comes to your pet and marijuana. As an owner, you know the behavior of your dog better than anyone else- if they start displaying odd behaviors such as staggering or excessive laziness then this could be a sign that something is amiss. A lack of coordination, disoriented movements and sleepiness can all indicate intoxication from THC ingestion – so keep an eye out for these symptoms in order to protect their health!

If your pup has been exposed to THC, there are a few telltale symptoms you should watch out for. These range from physical signs such as decreased energy and stumbling when walking, to behavioral ones like excessive drooling or whining. Additionally, other changes may occur within the body including labored breathing or an irregular heartbeat rate along with fluctuations in blood pressure and temperature levels that could indicate intoxication

Does the Size of Your Dog Make a Difference?

Although THC affects all breeds of dogs differently, it is important to keep in mind that larger animals can experience a markedly more intense reaction than their smaller canine counterparts. For instance, the impact of consuming this substance on an expansive Great Dane will be notably different from what takes place when its much tinier Chihuahua counterpart partakes.

A surprising fact about THC ingestion is that size doesn’t always matter. While your 75lb dog and 3lb pup may both consume the same amount of a substance, it’s the small one who’ll truly experience its effects more profoundly due to their smaller body mass and surface area relative to their larger companion.

While all dogs metabolize cannabinoids in their own way, larger breeds tend to more effectively process THC than smaller canine species. Size certainly isn’t a definitive indicator as bigger pooches can still be impacted by the psychoactive compound; however, it is likely that they will experience less intense effects when compared with tinier pups.

What Should You Do if Your Dog Ingests THC?

If your beloved pup has ingested THC, you have a few options. Treatment will be customized based on their symptoms – if they’re showing only mild signs of distress then it’s possible to care for them at home; however in more severe cases immediate veterinary assistance is required. In either case, always make sure to call your vet and get the best advice tailored specifically for Fido!

If your dog is brought to the vet after ingesting THC, they may give them activated charcoal as a liquid drink. This helps keep the THC from being absorbed further into their bloodstream. Additionally, veterinarians might induce vomiting or perform stomach pumping in order to get rid of any remaining amount of the substance that has already been ingested.

When pets suffer the effects of marijuana consumption, intralipid therapy may be used to help them recover. This IV infusion binds to THC molecules and helps speed their removal from your pet’s body. During treatment, vets will also look out for any sudden changes in blood pressure or heart rate while keeping a close eye on organ functioning.

Is it Necessary to Take Your Dog to the Vet if They Consume THC?

If you think your pup may have gotten into a pot-laced treat, seek veterinary help right away. Though THC toxicity is rarely fatal in canines, the amount ingested and potential presence of chocolate could make it dangerous without professional advice.

125 dogs were studied in states with medical marijuana and discovered to be four times more likely prone to THC poisoning. Tragically, two of these canines passed away from ingesting chocolate baked goods made using medicinal cannabis butter – whether it was due the psychoactive substance or excessive consumption of chocolate is still unknown as this treat is known for being highly toxic for pets.

Though it’s unlikely your pet will succumb to intoxication brought on by consuming THC, you may want to invest in a lock box after learning the dangers of Theobromine – an alkaloid found mainly in chocolate. Symptoms such as vomiting blood and muscle twitching are obvious signs that something is wrong; however more serious effects like irregular heartbeats and seizures can lead to life-threatening consequences if left untreated.

While xylitol is becoming a popular sugar-free alternative, it’s also an ingredient in cannabis products containing THC. Unfortunately this puts dogs at risk as pet poisoning cases due to consumption of foods with the sweetener have more than doubled between 2015 and 2020. To keep our furry friends safe, its suggested that consumers check marijuana edibles are carefully for ingredients like xylitol -particularly if they’re made with chocolate!

Should I Give CBD To My Dog?

Millions of pet owners let dogs experience the powerful benefits of CBD – they just make sure that the CBD they give their furry friends does not contain THC.

Here at Balance CBD Oil CBD Oil for Dogs does not contain THC – it’s made using isolate. Read our reviews and learn more about how your pup can benefit!

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