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We crafted our CBD pods to work specifically with the JUUL vape. So whether you’re looking to curb your nicotine intake or enrich your daily life, you’ll find a perfect compliment with our CBD JUUL compatable pods.

Balance CBD JUUL pods come in a variety of sensational flavors, and they all contain top quality CBD! Check them out below.



What are CBD JUUL Pods for sale online?

In the last two years, JUUL vaporizers have taken over the vaping industry. Many consumers have opted to use JUUL vapes because of their ease of use and inconspicuous, techy design - a cross between a flash drive and phase gun. 

Plus, it’s a closed system, meaning you have to use JUUL components in the JUUL. But don’t worry, we spent a lot of time perfecting our pods to work seamlessly with the device. 

While the style of the JUUL is unique, it operates the same as any other cartridge vape. The JUUL device acts solely as a battery. The atomizer, that is, what vaporizes the e-juice, is located in the pod. Since each pod only lasts a short time, the atomizer is tiny. 

Every vape, from a disposable to a JUUL, has one thing in common: they need oil, or e-juice, to atomize into vapor. Our proprietary blend of CBD, terpenes, natural flavors, and essential oils deliver a smooth, mellow experience in every puff. You won’t find a better CBD JUUL pod, we guarantee it.

Reasons to buy CBD JUUL pod online. Why should you buy a CBD JUUL pod?

Vaping is the most effective method of consuming CBD. The relaxing benefits of CBD vapes are felt within seconds, whereas it takes upwards of 10 minutes to feel the effects of tinctures. Moreover, when the pod is finished, you can just discard it without any messy refills or time consuming recharges. 

Vaping CBD is different from other CBD options. Our customers use CBD daily in several ways. A key reason to switch to JUUL, and buy CBD JUUL pods online is if you're looking to quit nicotine or smoking. It's challenging to quit coffee, cigarettes, or other stimulants. Part of the addiction to tobacco is the act of smoking itself. Vaping mimics the habit of smoking, making it an ideal alternative.

Are all CBD JUUL pods for sale online the same?
Unlike JUUL’s nicotine-based pods, JUUL does not manufacture CBD pods. That means it’s up to third-party companies to develop pods that work in tandem with the JUUL battery. Unfortunately, not all third-party JUUL pods maintain the same standard of quality. 
Perfecting a CBD JUUL pod takes more effort than you may think, and many companies are likely to cut corners. Not only must the atomizer be calibrated to JUUL’s specifications, but the e-liquid must be the same consistency as JUUL’s nicotine e-juice. 
So like all of our vape products, it’s our CBD oil that separates us from the competition. With Balance CBD JUUL pods, you get a near-identical viscosity as the pods you purchase from JUUL. Plus, our pod oils contain robust, natural flavors such as soothing mint, revitalizing orange, and nourishing blueberry. 
Do CBD JUUL Pods get you high?
Some people are concerned that CBD will get them high because of its close relationship to cannabis, and by extension THC. Vaping CBD will not get you high, period. There is no THC in any of our products. 
Cannabidiol doesn't have the same aggressive relationship with your endocannabinoid system as THC. CBD soothes receptors in your brain and body and doesn't bind to them; this is why your mood feels better, and you feel more relaxed.
Thus far, there has been no evidence that suggests vaping CBD has any adverse side effects. Also, no evidence shows that you can have an allergic reaction to CBD or overdose on it.
That being said, it's best to follow instructions and only take as much CBD as you need. If you feel like you need more, it's best to start low and go slow. There's some evidence that shows consuming too much CBD lowers the potential benefits rather than increase them. 
Where to buy CBD JUUL pods from? Order CBD JUUL pods online from a trusted source.
Many retailers across the country have dedicated a section in their shops to these smart devices. Unfortunately, these products are suspect. 
It's important to know where your CBD oil is sourced from and not to buy CBD pods from stores that are not transparent about their products. Nor should you purchase these products from vape shops that cannot guarantee their JUUL pods won't leak and damage the JUUL battery.
Online is the best place to buy your CBD because you can research and explore the market at your leisure. We're proud of our high-quality products, and our customer reviews and feedback have been outstanding.

Try the best THC-free CBD JUUL pods today!

We love our vape products and know that you will too. We have unique blends of terpenes and essential oils that we've been able to test and bolster the benefits of our CBD extract.
Each batch of vape oil is quality tested, and we certify that they are vegan safe and free of THC, gluten, and allergens.
Questions about CBD or our product line? We're always here to chat, and will also respond quickly to emails. Contact us anytime.