Benefits of Short Term and Long Term CBD Use


While plenty of new CBD shoppers are keenly focused on the immediate benefits of taking CBD, the long term benefits of cannabidiol is something people should consider.

Cannabidiol is best taken as a daily supplement. By taking CBD each and every day you’ll make your body and mind more resilient, bolstering your daily functionality in several important ways. In this post we’ll examine how CBD can benefit you in the short term, and some of the perks of taking CBD over a long period of time.

How It Works

There’s still plenty of knowledge to uncover about the benefits of CBD. Science isn’t completely in the know about how CBD works, but it’s known to interact with the endocannabinoid systems (ECS). Our ECS carries out a range of pivotal functions in the body including regulating homeostasis, mood, sleep cycles, and more.

CBD interacts with the ECS and this allows the compound to augment the body and mind in numerous ways.

Short Term CBD Benefits

So, you’ve just started taking CBD. There are some benefits you can expect to feel soon after ingesting your first dose of CBD oil. Cannabidiol’s most immediate benefit is a feeling of calm, evidenced in a growing number of research studies on CBD and stress. Anxiety and stress melt away as the CBD takes effect, slowing things down and allowing your body and mind to relax. Studies have found that CBD can help lower blood pressure relating to stress, and this can occur with just a single dose.

For those who are taking CBD to help with pain management, the onset of CBD is often identified by what you’re not feeling as opposed to what you feel; symptoms of pain may lessen, you might find that muscles and joints enjoy more freedom of motion, and it could feel as though there’s a barrier between you and your pain.

Some people find CBD beneficial for sleeping. Taking CBD in advance of bedtime could help you wind down at night, alleviating an anxious mind and helping your body sink into bed without aches and pains. CBD may allow you to get a more restful sleep.

It’s necessary to point out that CBD affects people in different ways; one person may experience immediate benefits while others require more time.

Long Term CBD Benefits

Taking CBD over long periods of time brings cumulative benefits. CBD helps with stress and anxiety, and prolonged use of the compound can consistently keep these symptoms at bay. Any person who regularly suffers from anxiety knows that anxiety builds over time and often comes to a head resulting in a panic attack or a temporary shut down. Ingesting CBD everyday can prevent stress from building up and boiling over.

CBD supports healthy sleep habits. Sleep issues over long periods of time can create a sleep debt and leave you feeling fatigued on a daily basis. But by using CBD as a sleep supplement, you might find that you’re getting the necessary rest on a consistent basis, resulting in more energy and resilience.

Long-term CBD use could also benefit you if you’re trying to improve your fitness. CBD is a great tool for post-workout recovery; it might make you more physically and mentally resilient if taken prior to a workout. By using CBD to enhance your workout, you could get better results.

Things To Consider When Taking CBD

Whether you’re interested in the short or long term benefits of taking CBD, it’s important to give the compound time to work, and to take a sufficient dose to meet your needs. For many people, finding the right CBD regimen requires some tinkering and that could mean increasing or decreasing your dosage.

Shoppers should also consider which products are best for their needs:

Choosing the right product will help you take the supplement everyday.  Should you find a product that works great for you, it’s never a bad idea to check in with yourself from time to time and see if the product is still delivering the benefit you need.

If you need help, here’s a guide to buying CBD!

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