The difference between CBDa and CBD


How does CBDa differ from CBD?

CBD is renowned all over the press for its potential benefits. But have you heard of the less-known CBDa? If you are less familiar with this other component of the hemp and cannabis plants, you may ask several questions.
How does CBDa function? What are its benefits? How does it differ from the commonly known CBD? 

What is CBDa?

CBDa is a cannabidiolic acid that is found in live hemp and cannabis plants. Like CBD, which is one of the most abundant and naturally occurring compounds in cannabis, CBDa interacts with our bodies and the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Consequently, the compound can offer several health benefits.
Generally, CBDa is the acid form of CBD. It bears with CBD a similar relationship to THCa and THC.

CBDa is the “raw” or unheated form of CBD. The cannabis and hemp plants produce the acid form and it is decarboxylated by the heat.
Expressly, CBDa heats up and turns to CBD. In the original form, it retains its structure.

Since CBDa and CBD have a close relationship, you may be curious to know which of the two cannabis compounds is more beneficial. Some research on CBDa indicates that one of these compounds could have more benefits than the other.

Is CBDa more beneficial than CBD?

In terms of potency, CBDa can be superior to CBD. in some cases, CBDa is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids”.

A few studies which have not yet been proven there exists sparse evidence on the medical benefits of CBDa to humans. As a result, scientists have cautioned against making premature assumptions on how CBDa can benefit humans.

In a study, published in 2008 in the Drug Metabolism and Disposition Journal, Japanese researchers found out that both CBDa and THCa may help with inflammation.

With a specific focus on finding a solution to nausea, a 2013 study on animal models looked into CBDa’s ability to reduce nausea and vomiting. This study was published in the British Journal of Pharmacology. Its results suggested that CBDa may stop vomiting induced from toxin-and-motion plus it may be more effective than CBD. The researchers noted that CBDa has great potential and shows promise for nausea and vomiting.

Understandably, CBDa has proved to be beneficial to humans. Nonetheless, it is still not well known whether these findings have implications on human health.

What are the uses of CBDa?

If you want to experience CBDa’s potential benefits, you can spice your food and beverages with a full-spectrum hemp extract. CBDa is one of the key components of this extract. Therefore having a hemp kief in your smoothie can match as a micronutrient.

Besides, a CBDa-infused smoothie can constitute other superfoods including spinach, kale, and ginger root. You can also complete the recipe with a handful of CBDa flowers together with a teaspoon of CBD oil. Additionally, you can add apples for taste and orange juice for texture. This type of smoothie will not intoxicate you as it doesn’t contain THC. instead, it may help stop inflammation in the body and keep you refreshed.

Is CBDa found in CBD oil?

Depending on how the oil is prepared, CBDa and CBD can be found in the CBD oil. If CBDa was used as a raw ingredient (unheated forms), then it can be an active ingredient in therapeutic CBD oil.

Overall, you may come across CBDa products if the manufacturer did not heat the plant before processing it. In other words, if the manufacturer takes raw hemp oil and incorporates it into CBD oil, then the oil could contain some CBDa.

Furthermore, CBD tincture can contain CBDa as the main active ingredient if the cannabinoid was not heated or processed in any other method.

Can one smoke CBDa?

Smoking involves the usage of heat which naturally converts CBDa to CBD. Therefore, you can not directly smoke CBDa because its raw form will change to CBD. If you need CBDa you should try specific ingestible oils, tinctures, and cannabis topicals. Alternatively, you can try a superfood smoothie or some raw cannabis juice.

Key Takeaway

Before using CBDa, you should always seek the guidance of your physician especially if you are under medication. Together with the physician, you should discuss the likelihood of your current medicine regimen interacting with CBD and CBDa.

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