The Ultimate Guide to CBD Products in Oakland

CBD in Oakland 

Oakland defines its borders, geographically and metaphorically, by what it isn’t, and it sure ain’t San Francisco. Unlike their blustering, app-inventing neighbors across the bay, Oaklanders work with their hands and blow off steam the old fashioned way, in the dive bars and sweaty clubs that vanished from San Fran back when Bush was president—the first one

Instead of the high rolling, theme park ride that is San Francisco, Oakland cherishes a small-town feel, with real woods and actual parks, and neighbors that haven’t melded to their iPhones. 

After all, Oaktown built San Francisco. The redwood and hillside oak lumber from Almeda county fashioned the beams and trusses of the original San Francisco skyline. 

This sense of ownership, of defining themselves by tracing foggy space that borders them, isn’t new. Since the city’s conception, Oakland is where people migrate when they’re tired of San Francisco, or when they can no longer afford its surreal lifestyle. 

And one thing that Oaklanders have embraced is a special love of all things cannabidiol (CBD). We get hundreds of customers asking us where to buy CBD in the City of Oaks. So let’s find out. 

Where to find CBD Oil near me in Oakland 

Look, Oakland is lots of things. Most of them good. But Oakland isn’t walkable. So to get around, you’ll need a bike, a car, or a BART pass. 

Which is fine, since the foggy haze of San Fran lifts across the bay. Oaklanders bustle around town with sunshine on their backs and a fresh Bay breeze in their hair. Despite the hubbub, it’s nice here. Houses are bigger, back yards—well, you actually can afford a backyard. And unlike San Francisco, Oakland brandishes its diversity like it’s a superpower. 

A ride around Grand Ave, from West Oakland to Temescal, and you’ll experience more fascinating, amiable communities than you would if you scoured every nook and cranny of that oversized circuit board to the west. 

Nowhere is this more clear than the Oakland Art Murmer. On the first Friday of every month, galleries peppered throughout the city open their doors so visitors can experience the eclectic, thriving art scene. Installations, ceramics, films, abstract paintings—the possibilities you’ll discover border on limitless. 

And as you explore the art of Oakland, we suggest you bring along a CBD oil. Perfect for quick dosing and benefitting from an above-average uptime, CBD oils provide the most well-rounded hemp experience you can buy. Balance CBD offers a wide variety of flavors, too, from refreshing Mint Mojito to soothing Vanilla Camomille

Buy CBD Gummies in Oakland 

While some visitors grumble that Oakland has fewer foodie options than San Francisco, we riposte that it’s the quality that counts. Satisfaction in Oakland originates from the bold flavors of your restaurants, not the Skip the Dishes list. The diverse neighborhoods of Oakland churn out some of the most authentic, lovingly crafted dishes you can taste in California. 

Nowhere better represents the confluence of cultures in Oakland than Hopscotch. This Uptown restaurant on San Pablo proves that a Californian chef steeped in the authentic Japanese and South Asian cultures of Oakland can create some magnificent dishes. Want proof? Try the soba noodles. At Hopscotch, they’re topped with such globe-trotting ingredients as English snow peas, capers, pesto, and chili oil. 

And for the true foodies, the ones that don’t get off unless they see a tasting menu, visit the gastronomical haunt Commis, in Temescal. Don’t let the stripped-down aesthetics fool you. Chef James Shyabout shirks visual comforts in this minimalist setting so your body can delight in the delicate combination of Oakland flavors. Eating here will define the Bright Side of the Bay better than any guidebook. 

Sadly, every meal must end, and to ease the stress of paying the Commis bill, eat a CBD gummy. One of the best reasons to buy CBD edibles is that they last upwards of eight hours, which is more than enough to melt away the stress on your drive back home. We recommend CBD gummies that opt for organic ingredients and natural flavors, such as these Orange Dreamsicle bites from Balance CBD. 

Shop CBD Vape Cartridges in Oakland 

Sure, you could venture to Uptown after the sun drops beyond the bay. You could strut through the dimly lit bars and nightclubs that embrace an Art Deco vibe that’s been around since Charlie Chaplin. But isn’t that all kinda, I don’t know, San Franciscan? 

Instead, do something weird and childish—visit Fairyland after dark, hosted by Oaklandish. While rumors suggest that Fairyland inspired Walt Disney to build his theme park, don’t expect much more than a little blue lagoon and Technicoloured terra cotta towers. With a few drinks and some thrumming beats, however, anything could happen in Fairyland.

And as you’re smooching in the card maze and or leading a mutiny against preconceptions on the pirate ship, don’t forget about your CBD vape. Balance CBD carries a line of cartridges, perfect for your 512 thread vape battery. 

Discover Balance CBD in Oakland 

People in Oakland care. They care about their environment. They go to farmer’s markets and ride the BART to work like sensible adults. They aren’t part of the highfalutin playground that has become of San Francisco. Instead, they look on like a proud, yet concerned parent, wondering when their gifted child will wake up and come back on earth. 

We believe CBD products sell so well in Oakland for this very reason. Oaklanders crave ways to enhance their day, not escape it—and that’s the optimal use of CBD. But remember, not all CBD products share the same principles. That’s why we recommend buying CBD from companies that use a CBD isolate, like Balance CBD. With an isolate, there’s no worry of failing a drug test because of trace THC content. 

We’re also proud to offer a CBD product containing natural and organic ingredients, free of gluten, and vegan-friendly. And best of all, we ship all of your products with a 30-day money-back guarantee. While you’re here, check out our entire stock of products. If you’re craving the latest news, follow us on Instagram, where we update our customers with new products and offers!

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