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Buy CBD Squash & CBD Cordial 

Check out our range of CBD infused squash, cordial, concentrates & beverage enhancers! They’re all natural and contain a whole host of beneficial properties. Each drink is infused with high-quality CBD letting you stay hydrated!

Browse our complete range of best-selling CBD infused beverage enhancers below.

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CBD Squash & CBD Cordial

CBD Squash – Orange – 150mg



Best CBD Drinks & CBD Infused Beverages

Introducing our brand new CBD infused beverages! Our CBD sodas are all natural and are known for their beneficial properties, but don't get you high or affect your mental state in any way.

CBD Drinks are mouthwateringly delicious

The perfect serving, each one of our CBD beverages are infused with the highest quality CBD, derived from Colorado hemp farms.

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Check out the many CBD soda reviews which you can find on our website. Read what all of our happy customers have to say about our CBD infused beverages!

Purchasing it online through our store, we ensure that you are getting the best CBD beverages on the market. We also have a wide variety of different CBD-infused products.

We have a 30 day money back guarantee on all orders, and we serve customers from different states all around the country.

How To Use CBD Drinks

Try our CBD drinks and cbd infused beverages that can help you relax at the end of the day. CBD drinks are a fairly new concept, but they taste great and are just as refreshing.

You should practice caution when consuming CBD soda along with alcohol and other depressant substances. As the CBD present in the soda by potentiating the effects of alcohol.

Why Choose Balance CBD?

Our company has the widest selection of CBD-infused products that you can find online. Whether it is CBD drinks that you want, you can find it in our online store. All of the products that are on sale have been carefully chosen for their quality, taste and amazing customer support. So you can be sure that you will see results from using our CBD products.

Balance CBD is your one-stop shop for all things CBD-related. We base our choices of CBD products on the newest scientific and medical research. And we only feature top-quality products that meet our exacting standards!