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Where to Buy CBD Oil in Seattle

Buy CBD Products in Seattle, Washington.

Wondering how to buy CBD oil in Seattle? Then why not consider Balance CBD! Although we don’t have any store locations in currently in Seattle, there’s still good news for you. We ship throughout the whole state of Washington! So it does not matter where you reside in Seattle (or anywhere else in the country), you can easily buy CBD oil in Seattle, and get products right to your door. Just visit our online shop to learn more about our products so you can find the best CBD products on the market today. You can have CBD directly shipped to your home without leaving your sofa.

We’ve even been featured in the Seattle Times!

Cities love to brag about their innovations, what they’ve contributed to the country and the culture. But few have given as much as Seattle, and we’re not just talking about coffee.

Originally a logging town, laborers cut, hauled, and hewed wood from the redwood forests surrounding the city to build settlements and ships. The shipbuilding eventually grew into the city’s primary trade, forging a gateway for explorers and settlers heading north into Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Seattle’s keystone as a hub for seafarers later expanded decades into the skies with Boeing and decades later still into the digital ether, with Microsoft — both companies began inside the city limits.

We like to think of Seattle as an innovator city, the mad scientist of America. So it’s not surprising that before the big cannabidiol boom of 2019, Seattle residents were already enjoying the benefits of this healthful cannabinoid. Throughout the city you can find head shops and cafes that hawk various brands of CBD. But how do you differentiate the great deals from the swindlers? Below, you’ll find the best choices you have for CBD in Seattle.

What is CBD?

Before you buy CBD oil in Seattle, you need to understand what CBD is. There’s many great reasons people are using CBD – from our reviews you’ll see that people use CBD before sleeping, before working out and during the day to get them through work.

CBD is one of over 113 different cannabinoids found in hemp plants. Another famous compound is THC. Unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive and will not get you high. CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

CBD oil that is legal in the USA, is actually derived from hemp plants. It can also be derived from cannabis plant, but they contain more THC. CBD from hemp plants contain a lower THC amount, and actually, for CBD to be legal in the USA the oil must contain less than 0.3% THC, and be derived from hemp.

When buying CBD oil from Balance CBD in Washington, you can be sure that you are buying the best CBD oil available on the market today.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Seattle, Washington?

Yes. CBD oil is legal in throughout Seattle, Washington and the USA – but only if it meets certain conditions.

For CBD to be legal in Seattle, and the USA it must contain less than 0.3% THC, and be derived from the hemp plant. If you want to learn about the laws of CBD in more detail, then we have a whole page dedicated to it here.

Do not worry, you can order CBD oil that is legal in Seattle from us – we ship to all 50 states! Here at Balance CBD, we only create CBD oils from hemp. Most users prefer CBD with minimal levels of THC and that’s why we offer two varieties. We offer CBD oil that comes from an isolate – meaning that it contains zero THC. We offer another CBD oil that is a full-spectrum, this means that it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Best CBD Oil Seattle

Sandwiched between Elliott Bay and Lake Washington, Seattle is picturesque; misty views of sky blue oceans and verdant hills encompass nearly every angle of the city. It’s instilled an almost lackadaisical assuredness in Seattleites. Nowhere is this more clear than the Pike Place Market.

This isn’t your average market. In any other city, you spend an hour picking up the items in your grocery list and you’re done. Here, something new and glorious hides in the most unassuming nooks.

If you arrive early enough, for example, you can watch flying fish in the market square. That’s when fishmongers throw red snapper and swordfish filets across the cobblestone, from the coolers to the men laying them down neatly on tables of coruscating ice.

The market swarms with food stalls and artisan goods, too. But the one thing you won’t find in Park Place Market is CBD Oil. For that you must travel north, up 2nd Avenue, or online.

Our top pick for the best CBD oil in Seattle is Balance CBD. They service customers across the country, with great deals and free shipping. Their oils come in both CBD isolate and full-spectrum varieties. We recommend trying the full-spectrum Balance CBD Oil. With a blend of terpenes and other cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant, you’ll enjoy it for its flavor and natural benefits.

Buy CBD Gummies in Seattle

We’ve gone this long without mentioning it, but at this point the word hangs on our every phrase — Starbucks. Okay, there, we said it. Starbucks is practically synonymous with Seattle. Their first store opened in 1971 right here, and they named their signature Pike Place roast after the main drag in Pike Place Market.

Today, Starbucks cafes riddle the city, so it may sound strange to recommend visiting, but their Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room at Pike and Pine deserves a special mention.

You don’t even have to like coffee to love the relaxing atmosphere, the polished brass rails and solid wood countertops that harken back to the time of industrial steam power and the birth of America’s obsession with ground bean juice, served hot and frothy.

Here, you can sit at the bar or the mezzanine and order small-batch roasts that travel from their copper broilers through pneumatic tubes and into the coffee bar. It’s a singular experience, and it deserves a singular treat to go along with it. We suggest CBD gummies.

CBD gummies are as beneficial as they are tasty. They contain a specific amount of CBD, anywhere between 10mg and 25mg, and you can eat them alone or with a steaming cup of Pike Place Roast. Even better, balance CBD’s gummies are full of organic and natural ingredients. Our recent favorite is the tartly addictive Granny Smith.

CBD Vape Pens and CBD Vape Cartridges in Seattle

The blithe faces, sunny skies, and clean streets of Seattle can seem, to some, stodgy. These particular individuals claim that you can have too much happiness; it’s possible to overfill, to overindulge.

Now and again, they claim, you need to feel grimy, scrape some dirt under your nails and remind yourself that you’re human, which is to say, a hirsute and sweaty animal that screams and craves. And when dozens of these like-minded people gather in one place, you get Seattle’s infamous contribution to music: grunge.

We’re talking Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden — the founders of the grunge sound began in the dive bars and seedy haunts of downtown Seattle. Now, some thirty years later, you can still find those bars filled with twenty-somethings, distraught by the sea breeze and the safe and peaceful streets.

No tour of the grunge scene would be complete without a visit the Central Saloon just off 1st Avenue. That’s where Nirvana fried the brains and popped the eardrums of their first listeners. But no matter where you go, Central Saloon, Re-Bar, or The Croc, don’t forget to bring your CBD vape.

With a fast onset time and delectable range of flavors, CBD vapes have captured the taste buds of live music fiends across Seattle. Balance CBD supplies both disposable vape pens and refillable cartridges for your vape battery.

They contain zero fillers and 100% organic ingredients, including a specially formulated terpene blend to enhance the CBD isolate. We recommend Awaken, sure to revitalize you before the main act takes the stage.

The Best CBD in Seattle

Let Silicon Valley steal the attention and lay claim to the headquarters of the Internet revolution. That just gives Seattle more room to enjoy their endless views and cozy cafes. Seattleites have figured out the secret to working online but living in the real world. They understand that balance isn’t just a keyword, it’s a way of life.

That’s why citizens of this great city chose Balance CBD as their favorite CBD purveyor. Like them, the company thrives on honest salesmanship and quality goods. All of their products leave their warehouse replete with organic ingredients from non-GMO sources.

With their CBD oils, you have the choice between CBD isolate and full-spectrum. And every product ships with a QR code so you can verify that your batch of extract contains the amount of CBD on the bottle’s label.

To find out more about Balance CBD, check out their Twitter or Instagram — that’s where you’ll find their latest sales and offers. And before you go out this weekend in Seattle, browse our full list of products.

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