With the recent federal legalization of CBD, theres been a rapid growing interest in everything CBD has to offer. We have a received a flattering influx of new customers visiting our website, wanting to learn more and seeking the best CBD oil products on the market.

We’ve been receiving inquiries from people of diverse needs, seeking the right products for them. We wanted to take this opportunity to provide some useful insight and knowledge that will better equip you to make informed product decisions.

We understand it can seem daunting at first, with so many different CBD products on the market, and new products frequently emerging. For first time users, it can be difficult deciding what dosage may work best for you. Since each person is different, we always recommend taking time to start low, and increase servings slowly to find your desired dosage.

This guide is intended to clear up any confusion, and help our consumers make decisions with confidence when searching for their ideal products.

It is an exciting time as we witness a growing volume of scientific research and clinical studies focusing on the potential benefits of CBD. We are excited to be a part of a growing industry where we can explore and learn about the diverse potential of such an inspiring plant.

To ensure that you receive the most benefits from your CBD products, we always recommend that you consult your physician before use.

What is CBD Oil? | Balance CBD

What are the Best CBD Infused Products for You?

1. Muscle & Joint Support

With millions of Americans looking for relief from inflammation-related issues, CBD has been gaining a lot of popularity, and has also raised some interesting questions about the very nature of these issues.

Our Relief – Blue Hawaiian Vape Cartridge is terpene-infused with an indica strain that packs a heavy pain relieving punch and offers hours of extended relief.

What makes vaping an ideal option for consumers is that it offers fast-acting effects, as opposed to ingesting CBD which takes time to metabolize. The effects of vaping can often be felt within 10 minutes, while lasting up to a couple of hours – the ease of vaping allows consumers to discreetly and continuously re-dose throughout the day, as needed.

Not interested in vaporizing? We recommend trying our Relief – CBD Bath Bomb. Combined with peppermint oil, clove oil, wintergreen and menthol, these herbs come with a myriad of pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing effects – enjoy them while treating yourself to a nice relaxing, hot bath.

2. Sleep Support

We infuse many of our products with highly sought-after essential oils and terpenes, which may help provide added benefits & effects to our formulations. The well known “Entourage Effect” is the combination of cannabinoids with terpenes or essential oils that act together on multiple receptors in the body; they perform better together than alone. Our Doctors and Scientists have taken full advantage of these combinations and created a lineup of exciting, successful products.

Make the most of these entourage effects with our Sleepytime – Vanilla Chamomile Tincture. Along with the naturally soothing and calming essence of Chamomile, the Lavender and Valerian offer added relaxing and sedative properties to help you wind down. The benefits of sub-mucosal delivery makes our Sleepytime tincture the ideal option for consuming before bed. This delivery method offers fast acting effects that often last entirely throughout the night.

Feel free to try any of our products listed in the Sleepytime category, such as our faster-acting and simple to use Sleepytime – Vanilla Chamomile Vape Pen, which also comes in a Vape Cartridge.

3. Stress & Mood

When the everyday stresses of life come your way, it can be difficult to find solutions to help you move forward. Many people fall victim to unhealthy means of coping, however there is hope in knowing that you can still take care of yourself in a natural and healthy manner.

We have received glowing reviews from consumers who have tried our CBD Calm Spray. This product is compact and lightweight, simple to administer and fast acting. This makes it very attractive for those who need an on-the-go, round-the-clock sidekick. Infused Lemon, Spearmint and Bergamot have been known to help sooth nerves, reduce tension and lift ones mood.

Another great on-the-go item that offers ease of use, and a lightweight, compact size is our 100% Certified Organic CBD Calm – Granny Smith Green Apple Gummies. Our edibles provide long-lasting effects, often with 1-2 servings lasting you throughout the day. The simplicity of our gummies allows consumers to re-dose with ease, anytime they need it throughout the day.

If you are currently taking other medications, please consult with your medical professional before consuming CBD products. CBD is not a dangerous supplement, however, we always recommend you take this step for precautionary purposes to ensure there are no interferences with overlapping medications.

4. Energy & Active Lifestyle

Many people have begun turning to CBD as an added complement to their work-out routines. Products found in both our Awaken and Uplift categories can be a bonus addition to any active lifestyle. They may assist you when you are active and exercising, or when getting ready to start your day in the morning.

In addition to being CBD infused, our Awaken – CBD Wildberry Tincture features Ginger, Lemon and Juniper Berry, all of which can have energy boosting effects, enhance concentration, and help fight mental fatigue.

If you’re looking for a faster-acting product that you can easily use throughout your activities, check out our terpene infused Awaken – CBD Vape Pen and our tasty Uplift – CBD Vape Pen.

5. CBD For Pets

At BalanceCBD, we love our furry companions so much that we wanted to create a safe and effective product lineup tailored specifically for our pets.

Since our furry friends have different requirements and preferences than humans, we have formulated a flavorless CBD tincture that can be enjoyed by even the pickiest of eaters. The tincture drops are easy to apply, by simply mixing into your pets food or delivering directly to your dogs mouth.

We encourage you to read about our Relief – CBD Pet Tincture to learn more about the potential benefits and proper dosing, depending on your pet’s size.

Does CBD Have Side-Effects? Is it Safe?

Consumers can be rest assured knowing that CBD has no known toxicity effects. BalanceCBD products use only 100% pure CBD Isolate. CBD isolate is more costly to use in our products, yet it offers non-detectable limits of THC due to its repeated processing & removal of other cannabinoids (unlike broad or full spectrum CBD).

One well-known advantage of CBD is that it offers no psychoactive properties like it’s cousin THC. While THC actively binds with our endocannabinoid receptors, CBD indirectly effects the endocannabinoid system, avoiding any psychoactive effects and offering the benefit of being non-addictive.

Balance CBD products will not get you high, but they do offer a range of other benefits! This means you can confidently consume our products day or night, without the worry of becoming impaired.

It is important to note that a small percentage of users have experienced minor side-effects when using CBD. Some of those side-effects are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Small drop in blood pressure
  • Drowsiness
  • Lightheadedness

Because everyones reaction to CBD will be different, it is important to experiment and determine your ideal dosage by trying new products slowly and responsibly.

If you are currently using any medications, we always recommend that you speak with your Doctor or Health Care Professional to assess whether CBD will interfere with any supplement or medication you are currently taking.

What Types of CBD Products Will Work Best for Me?

With CBD becoming available in so many different formats, it’s no surprise that many users are left confused about which option may be right for them.

Below, we will describe the various product types we sell, and the range of benefits that each product offers.

1. CBD Vaporizers

One of the most preferred ways to consume CBD, vaping is also the fastest approach to delivering this natural compound throughout our bodies. The fast-acting effects of vaping is precisely what makes it such an attractive option for consumers, as opposed to ingesting CBD which takes much more time to metabolize. The effects of vaping can often be felt within 5-10 minutes, while lasting up to a couple of hours – this allows consumers to re-dose throughout their day, as needed.

Vaporizers offer the benefit of being discreet, simple to use, and easy to travel with. With a vaporizer, you can face your day with confidence knowing you can administer a dose of CBD with ease, anywhere, at anytime.

It is important to note that vaporizing is also much healthier than smoking, as you are inhaling natural, smooth, flavorful vapors instead of the nasty combustion compounds that are formed with traditional smoking.

For any new consumers who are unsure about vaporizing, let us tell you more about our CBD – Charlotte’s Vaporizer Pen and CBD – Charlotte’s Vaporizer Cartridge. The Charlotte’s CBD Vape is one of our signature products, infused with rare isreal-sourced terpenes, this vaporizer is the ideal introductory item for consumers who are new to trying CBD.

2. CBD Tinctures

As far as many CBD enthusiasts are concerned, tinctures are the way to go for daily CBD dosing. They offer effects that can last upwards of 6-8 hours, which makes tinctures the ideal choice for long lasting use throughout the day, or night!

While many users have noted difficulty finding high-dose CBD tinctures, we wanted to ensure that our customers had access to high dosage concentrated oils. We are proud to say our tinctures start at a minimum of 500mg CBD in a 30mL bottle.

Additionally, our tinctures utilize the power of Organic MCT Coconut oils, providing a boost to cognitive function, as well as offering bioavailability & rapid uptake through lipid digestion.

Check out our Extra-strength Relief – CBD Natural Flavor Tincture today, being unflavored makes this tincture an easy option for infusing into your food or beverages as an added treat!

3. CBD Edibles

We are excited to share our 100% Certified Organic gummies with our customers! Having CBD available in the format of a small, natural (and healthy!) treat is a great way to introduce yourself to daily CBD dosing.

Edibles & Gummies are the perfect choice for those who are unsure about vaporizing or ingesting tinctures and capsules. The main benefit that makes edibles attractive for consumers is that they offer long-lasting effects and ease of use. With 1-2 servings of our gummies satisfying you throughout the day, you get more use out of your product which also gives your wallet a nice break.

Who wouldn’t appreciate being able to enjoy their CBD in the form of a sweet, tasty little treat? Enjoy our gummies as a discreet snack that’s extremely easy administer! Their simplicity allows consumers to re-dose throughout the day – anywhere, at anytime.

We offer a wide range of edibles that come in a variety of popular, yet unique flavors with varying effects! Never tried a Naturally Flavored Cotton Candy Gummy or an Orange Dreamsicle CBD Gummy? Try our CBD Gummy Variety Pack which includes a range of these unique flavors! We guarantee that we’ll have a gummy to satisfy your specific needs and taste buds.

4. CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals are a newer method of consumption, yet they’re becoming an increasingly popular option due to their non-invasive approach.

Topical applications offer uptake through external CB2 receptors in our skin, this means CBD is bypassing the digestive system, and the effects are not noticed in the same way as ingesting CBD.

Suppositories are another method of “internal/topical” consumption and delivery. They have been extremely useful for those who suffer from nausea or are unable to swallow conventional foods or medicine. Our suppositories offer an alternative delivery method for all types of consumers, by avoiding first-pass metabolism they also produce extremely long-lasting effects.

Our Rectal or Vaginal CBD Suppositories can have 2x the absorption efficiency compared to inhalation, and 3x the absorption efficiency compared to oral consumption. Our suppositories extend a heavy dose of CBD, offering an escape for up to 6-10 hours of relief.

Still Undecided?

Not a problem! We encourage you to visit our Contact Page, where one of our more-than capable staff members will be happy to assist you with choosing the right products!

Please remember to speak with your Doctor or Health Care Professional about CBD, and how you can safely and responsibly consume your new products.

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