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CBD in Fresno 

Californian’s love to rail on Fresno’s sleepy Saturday vibe. They joke that the city’s downtown core is more a suburb than a metropolis. But we think there’s a lot to love about the biggest city in the California Valley

For one, it’s actually affordable! The cost of living tallies in at a paltry $45,000 a year, versus $110,000 in nearby San Francisco. Also, the township has one of the biggest populations of ash trees in California, and its name translates to Ash Tree.

Like many of the Golden State’s founding cities, Fresno was founded during the California Gold Rush. Since 1856, Fresnans have embraced the simple pleasures that come with Valley life: fresh air, open skies, and one hell of a summer heatwave. Temperatures here can reach triple digits for weeks at a time.  Because of this, every residence has been affected, at one point or another, by the town’s low water supplies. 

And with its humid, arid climate, Fresnans embrace the simple pleasures, like relaxing indoors, with a cool drink, a rumbling A/C, and some CBD (cannabidiol)

Whether dosing with a delicious oil or sipping on a soothing vape, many Fresnans have taken to ordering their CBD online for lack of options in town. So we’ve gathered our top picks and offer you some advice for things to do while imbibing CBD oil in Fresno. 

Where to find CBD Oil near me in Fresno 

What seals Fresno as the place to live in the Valley is its location. But every Fresnan has, at one point or another, nearly nodded off on Route 99. The Golden State Highway is the only logical way to reach the temptations of the metropolitan behemoths San Francisco to the north and Los Angeles to the south. It’s a long, boring road. So this weekend, don’t take it.

Instead, when you can’t help but jingle the keys to your Ford Fusion, head to Yosemite. In a few ticks over an hour, you can cruise from 90 meters above sea level to nearly 4,000 meters. That‘s practically a rocket launch. 

And the road you’re traveling on, Sheppard Avenue, has its own history, too. It was once the logging trail used to supply the building material for the entire valley and much of the coast, shipped down by a combination of flume and freight to Pinedale, the northern tip of Fresno. 

To ease your worries as you twist and turn around the Yosemite chicanes, sans-barricade, we might add, bring along a CBD oil. By infusing a CBD isolate with organic coconut oil, Balance CBD has discovered the perfect formula for sublingual administration. 

Buy CBD Gummies in Fresno 

Sure, outsiders love to spit pithy quips at Fresno’s expense, but they can’t deny the influence the city has had on the American psyche. First off, the capital of all things raisin began in Fresno. The nutrient-rich soil and intense sunlight of the Valley is a Selma Pete Grape vine’s photosynthetic dream. And, as such, Sun-Maid began in Fresno. 

Also, Boogaloo Sam invented popping in the dance clubs of 1970s Fresno, but that’s another story for another time. 

Instead, let’s talk Fresno gastronomy. The restaurant with the best steak you can eat outside of Texas: Yosemite Ranch. They cook their beef on a sweltering fire fueled by local red oak, infusing salmon fillets and rib-eye steaks with a sweet and smoky finish. They even offer a roadside takeout menu with quick dinner options like a whole roast chicken and golden smashers, their version of fries.  

Later, you’ll need an after-dinner treat. That’s where a CBD edible can both satiate your sweet tooth and relieve the tension in your shoulders. That way, you can spend the evening winding down and enjoying a full night’s rest. 

One of the better CBD edible options is CBD gummies, and Balance CBD offers a range of flavors, including our favorite, Cotton Candy. Plus, they craft all of their gummies with a doctor-formulated recipe, packed with organic and all-natural ingredients. 

Shop CBD Vape Pods and Cartridges in Fresno

No Fresnan will argue that nightlife in town can compete with the glittery spectacles of La La Land or the app-scheduled party atmosphere of San Fran. But folks move to Fresno because they like that their two main late-night attractions—the Red Lantern and the Library at Detention—sound more like a Harry Potter novel than a bawdy night out. 

Fresno’s thing isn’t bars, anyways. It’s college football. And it’s football that the town pummels those other cities. No one misses a Bulldog’s game. And when they face off against longtime rivals the San Jose Spartans, the local hardware store closes shop, and good luck finding a clerk to cash you out at the local Vons. 

We believe there’s no better time to embrace your competitive spirit than at a college game. And as you cheer on another Bulldogs victory, enjoy a CBD vape. Balance CBD sells a variety of vape cartridges and JUUL pods that will fit any 512 thread or JUUL system. And they come in relaxing flavors too, like juicy Blue Hawaiian, to keep you focused on the game and not on the rising emotions of another Spartan touchdown. 

Discover Balance CBD in Fresno 

The stuff Fresno treasures — it’s fertile soil, open skies, and local sports — is apparent from the moment you talk to a waitress or take a walk down Tulare St. And, okay, on those high summer days, the town can seem to doze off. But what’s wrong with a relaxing nap now and then? Plus, when the fogs roll in, you’d be forgiven to thinking you were in a dream. 

There’s a lot to enjoy in Fresno, even if that means its proximity to other, more famous places, like the top of a mountain or the shores of the Golden Coast. No matter if you’re just passing through or planning to plant your roots, Balance CBD is your best choice for CBD oils, edibles, and vape products. Take a gander at our entire line here

And if you’re curious to learn more about CBD, check out our blog; we update it weekly with new articles. Too excited to read? Then send us an email or chat message anytime, we’d love to hear from you. 

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