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CBD Oil Tincture - Natural 1500mg | Balance CBD


CBD Oil Reviews - Balance CBD Shop CBD Oil
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CBD Oil Tinctures are an excellent source for enhanced vitality and wellness. We offer several high quality CBD hemp oil flavors including Natural, Charlotte's Web, Mint, Strawberry, and Vanilla. Balance CBD Oil flavoring is made from premium sources. Enjoy the aroma and great taste of these nutritional, flavored CBD oils or the traditional taste of our natural CBD oil.

Organic CBD Gummies Reviews - Balance CBD

Organic CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies Reviews | Balance CBD Shop CBD Gummies
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CBD Gummies are THC FREE and a tasty way to have a CBD treat, even when you’re out and about! These Balance CBD gummies are fruit-flavored, vegan, non-GMO and gluten free. They are ideal on the go, as a post workout recovery supplement, and even while at work. Balance CBD gummies come in two packages, 10mg and 25mg CBD isolate per gummy.

CBD Topicals Reviews | Balance CBD

CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals Reviews | Balance CBD Shop CBD Topicals
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Balance CBD Topical Cream is made with 300mg of CBD mixed with rich hemp oil extract from some of the best organically grown hemp in the United States – made into an organic topical CBD cream. It has a subtle lavender scent so you can enjoy a light flower aroma when applied.

CBD Oil for Pets 300mg | Salmon CBD Oil for Dogs | Balance CBD

CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD oil for pets reviews | Balance CBD Shop CBD For Pets
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Balance CBD Oil for Dogs is made without wheat, dairy, soy or corn! Puppy chow time just got better for your favorite furry friend! These hemp inspired CBD oil tinctures for dogs are THC Free but still contain other terpenes and cannabinoids that are beneficial to your pup!

CBD Suppositories | Balance CBD

CBD Suppositories

CBD Suppositories Reviews | Balance CBD Shop CBD Suppositories
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Balance CBD Suppositories are Doctor formulated with precision to soothe and ease the tensions that come with your monthly visits. Experience the soothing, tension-melting effects of our high quality CBD. Each CBD suppository delivers 100mg directly to the area that needs it most. These CBD suppositories are available in a conveniently sized, 4 piece travel-pack, so you can rest assured knowing your soothing side-kicks are never too far away.

CBD Bev Enhancers

CBD Beverage Enhancers Review | Balance CBD

Shop CBD Drinks
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Balance CBD beverage enhancers are a highly recommended product to add to your arsenal of goodies. Each of our CBD beverage enhancers, you are getting a boost of energy combined with some of the best organically sourced CBD on the market. It's a great way to consume your CBD throughout the day. They will leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated!


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Health Benefits of CBD | THC Free CBD Oil | Organic CBD Oil | Vegan CBD Products | Balance CBD


What is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is one of the many natural compounds (cannabinoids) that are found in the hemp plant. It’s popularity has skyrocketed thanks to the benefits that CBD oil and products have to offer.

You can buy CBD in two forms: full-spectrum CBD oil and thc free CBD oil. For CBD oil and CBD products to be legal in the USA, they must contain less than 0.3% THC.

Full-spectrum CBD oil lets you experience all of the benefits of the hemp plant by allowing you to experience the entourage effect. This is when you experience the benefits of the other compounds in conjunction with CBD. THC free CBD oil and THC free CBD products do not contain any other cannabinoids.

CBD oil and CBD products bought from Balance CBD will not get you high, legal CBD products are non-psychoactive. All CBD oil and CBD oil products that contain less than 0.3% THC will not get you high as this is just a trace amount.

CBD has a crystalline appearance on its own and looks like natural sea salt. Carrier oil high in triglycerides is one of the most effective ways to take CBD. Our tinctures use medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil fractionated from coconut oil for this reason. If you want to learn more about what CBD is, check out our ultimate guide to what is CBD.

So, what is MCT oil?

Medium-chain triglycerides are fatty acids that are not water-soluble but rather soluble in organic solvents. Triglycerides work in harmony with CBD as the hemp compound attaches itself to the triglyceride molecule. This combination is one of the most effective delivery methods for CBD into the body.

If you’ve been searching the net for reliable and effective CBD products for sale, CBD oil for Sale, CBD products near me and CBD oil near me you should know that not all CBD products are made equal. Balance CBD provides natural, organic, non-GMO products. We proudly display all third-party lab test results, so you know what you’re putting in your body.

Balance CBD offers a quality selection of CBD products for every lifestyle. Before you buy CBD oil, make sure you take a look at our CBD oil for sale section of our website. We have a range of CBD oil products that you can buy, that are all doctor formulated. Free free to reach out to us if you have any questions before your buy CBD oil online!

Can I buy CBD products that aren't CBD oil from Balance CBD?

Yes – we offer a variety of CBD products for sale, you can buy CBD products online here.

CBD oil tinctures are our most popular seller, and will often answer the question of where to buy CBD oil. However, you can buy CBD products in many other forms. You can buy CBD gummies, CBD edibles, CBD creams, CBD topicals and even CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for pets!

CBD gummies are a great alternative for those of you that prefer to take CBD edibles instead of CBD oils. Our CBD gummies are 100% vegan, and made from all natural ingredients. Our vegan CBD gummies are delicious and provide a completely discreet way to take your daily CBD intake. Here at Balance CBD you can buy CBD gummies online that contain 10mg or 25mg of CBD. Our CBD gummies have been voted as the best CBD gummies by multiple publications in the USA. 

While some have said that CBD tastes bitter and earthy, our CBD gummies are a tasty, vegan, natural treat. Balance CBD gummies provide sweet, discreet relief throughout the day. Whether anxious before a board meeting or sore after a workout, people are taking CBD gummies for a variety of reasons.

If you’re looking for CBD oil for pets, and CBD oil for dogs then Balance CBD also offers CBD for our furry friends. These tinctures are easy to add to treats or directly in your dog or cat’s mouth and come in three flavors: natural, salmon, and cod liver.

When we’re talking about topicals, we’re not talking about beauty products but rather a muscle cream and an orgasm enhancer. Our CBD Muscle Relief Cream was featured at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, and is made with proprietary nanotechnology. This means that our CBD cream can penetrate deep past the thick layers of skin to bring relief to the areas that need it most by using. Topicals deliver targeted comfort while edibles and tinctures provide full-body benefits.

It’s uncanny how you can now find signs saying things like “Cheap CBD Oil for Sale”, “CBD Oil for Pain for sale”, or “CBD Oil for Anxiety for Sale. Be wary of CBD companies that are marketed this way. Trust brands that openly provide the results of third-party lab tests and value transparency.

Watch for products made with hemp seed oil that you can find in head shops, health food stores, or corner stores. CBD oil is different from hemp seed oil because CBD is derived from specific hemp strains. Additionally, avoid companies that make health claims. The FDA has not recognized CBD as a proven cure or treatment for any specific condition.

Balance CBD uses hemp grown in the United States in conjunction with the 2018 Farm Bill. What’s more, we proudly provide our third-party lab results directly on our site to verify the amounts of CBD in each product. As our selection continues to grow, our commitment to excellence remains uncompromised.

You can even see what product is best for you by taking our CBD quiz.

How to Buy CBD Oil?

When you buy CBD oil, we recommend following these guidelines:

  1. Lab Results: Does the company you are buying from offer lab results before you purchase? If they don’t have lab results, then how do you know if the CBD you are buying contains less than 0.3% THC?
  2. Full-spectrum vs. CBD Isolate: Remember, for CBD oil to be legal it must contain less than 0.3% THC.

    Full-spectrum CBD contains less than 0.3% THC and lets you experience the entourage effect.The entourage effect lets you experience all the benefits of the other compounds found in the hemp plant.

    CBD isolate products contain pure CBD. These CBD oils contain zero THC. These are great for people who are new to CBD and want to test it out or those who want absolutely no other compound in their system.

  3. CBD Strength: Power users or those looking for stronger effects may prefer CBD oil that is available in 1000mg and 1500mg, whereas those new to CBD should go for something lower, for example, a 500 mg product, or even 10mg or 25mg CBD Gummies.
  4. Extraction Method: You want to make sure that the CBD that you buy is cleaned of any unwanted toxins. The supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method allows this. Any other CBD extraction method will result in inferior quality CBD oil.

    When you want to buy CBD oil, it’s reasonable to have some questions. People choose CBD for different health reasons and finding the right product can be a matter of trial and error. While we know that CBD oil works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, more research is needed to reveal the exact role CBD can play in our health.

As more and more CBD products enter the market, CBD oil remains the most popular way to consume it. Tinctures are easy to use. Administer a few drops under your tongue and hold it there for about 60-90 seconds and swallow.

For those who have trouble swallowing, suppositories provide an alternative way to consume CBD. This method not only provides convenience but also fast-acting, long-lasting relief. Edibles also provide an alternative to tinctures. CBD gummies are perfect for those who are sensitive to the taste of natural CBD. These sweet treats are not only delicious but also discreet.

Administer CBD topically for targeted relief. Balance CBD topicals use proprietary nanotechnology to penetrate deep past the thick layers of skin to the spots that need it most.

If you follow our steps, you will make sure that you buy the best CBD oil and CBD products for sale.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes. CBD oil is legal federally. In 2018, “The Farm Bill”, officially called the Agricultural Improvement Act legalized CBD that:

  • Contains less than 0.3% THC.
  • CBD that is derived from Hemp.

If you buy CBD oil or CBD oil products that follow these guidelines, then you are buying legal CBD oil. Balance CBD ships to all 50 states in the USA.

Where to Buy CBD Oil?

We recommend that you buy your CBD oil online, and other products such as CBD gummies online. 

Many people looking for CBD oil for sale choose Balance CBD because of our incredible value. We are proud of our products and believe in complete transparency and accessibility. That’s why you can compare Balance CBD with the other leading CBD brands on each product page.

We believe that our industry-leading tinctures, topicals, edibles, and pet products should be available to everyone. Adding CBD to your regular health regimen could get pricey with other companies. We keep a low barrier for entry to allow you to try our different product lines without any hassle.

Finding the right CBD product doesn’t have to be confusing. We make sure that you make an informed, confident decision by educating wherever possible.

We caution that other CBD oils may cut corners to gain a competitive advantage. There are unfortunately a large amount of subpar CBD products in the market. Be wary of companies that do not use hemp grown in the US. For example, hemp grown in China may lead to CBD products with impurities. Other products may contain low to no CBD at all.

At Balance CBD, we use high-quality hemp plants grown in the US to organic standards. We also use CO2 extraction, the cleanest, purest extraction method available, and third-party lab testing verifies the purity and potency of our CBD products. Your health and safety are paramount.

Make Balance CBD your CBD destination because;

  1. Third-party tested – All our products are rigorously tested and independently verified. Balance CBD keeps safety and quality top of mind as we go above and beyond industry standards.
  2. Shopping Experience – Our customer support is not just fast and friendly but also thorough. Other companies can be cold or wanting. Your health and wellbeing is our number one concern, and that begins as soon as you visit our site.
  3. Easy Shipping – Other companies can be slow or complicated when it comes to shipping. We keep shipping convenient and hassle-free.
Can I buy CBD Oil Online?

Yes. You can buy CBD oil online – in fact, we recommend it.

Buying CBD oil online means that you can look for companies lab tests, and do your own research.

Here at Balance CBD’s online store, from lab reports to online-chat, we want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. Shop everything from oils to edibles with a convenient, enjoyable online experience. Balance CBD is the premier destination for CBD oil online.

Best CBD Oil for Sale

At Balance CBD we pride ourselves upon our reputation within the CBD industry, and amongst our loyal customer base. We’ve been listed as the #1 hemp CBD oil choice in the USA, and in many other countries around the world. Balance CBD products have also been featured in major publications such as Newsweek, LA Weekly,  Austin Chronicle, and the leading publications on everything that’s related to CBD. 

When you order CBD online from Balance CBD, you know that you’re getting hemp CBD products that have been grown on fully legal farms in the USA! We are one of the few brands that guarantee the highest quality CBD extract from the nations best farms. You will not be able to find better quality products than ours on the CBD market. 

Many people still question whether or not it is legal to Buy CBD online. The law states that pure CBD oil, sourced from industrial hemp and produced under the U.S Farm Bill is NOT subject to cannabis restrictions stated in the Controlled Substances Act. This means that every Balance CBD product sold is legal in all 50 U.S States! When you buy CBD online from Balance CBD, you are buying the best CBD online with the utmost confidence and security. There are no imported ingredients or harmful ingredients, you receive full product transparency and genuine lab tested results. This means that you get the best CBD oil and best CBD products on the market, with great content and purity alongside fast and reliable shipping!

There are so many CBD products for sale. How do I know which is the right CBD product for me?

This is a great question, and it will definitely take a lot of research for your to determine which CBD product best suits your needs. Our CBD oils are our best selling and most popular products – and these are what most people across the world will start out with for a range of different uses. However, that said, we also have many other products! We offer tasty CBD gummies, vapes, beverage enhancers and of course CBD topicals. To find the perfect product for yourself, why not check out new to CBD quiz?

Best CBD Products for Well-Being

When you buy CBD from Balance CBD, we’re definitely not claiming that our oils (or any of our other products for that matter) are a cure or guaranteed treatment option for any kind of condition or ailment.

However, we do not ignore the vast amounts of research and scientific publications that have pointed to the active hemp extract as having a wide range of benefits, and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Few people know that the U.S. government actually holds a patent on cannabinoids (they specifically mention the “non-psychoactive” effects of CBD) for both their neuroprotective and antioxidant benefits – just search for US6630507B1 on Google! When you buy CBD products from Balance CBD, you’re not only getting the best hemp extract from legal U.S farms, but you’re also getting a pure and 100% natural formula designed with you in mind. Don’t take our word for it, feel free to check out our reviewers and see how people have been incorporating CBD in their daily lives!

Why Buy CBD Oil from Balance CBD?

Here are 9 reasons you should buy your CBD oil and CBD products from Balance CBD!

  1. Made in the USA
    All vital parts and complete processing are done in the United States. We proudly wear the Made in the U.S. A emblem.
  2. THC Free
    We abide by legal and industry standards that require that CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC.
  3. Organic
    Our CBD is derived from hemp grown to organic standards. All additional ingredients are natural, non-GMO, and organic.
  4. GMP Quality
    We adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice regulations that are covered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  5. Allergen-Free
    Our products do not contain the eight most common allergenic foods: fish, milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts, or crustacean shellfish.
  6. Gluten-Free
    We follow stringent guidelines and verify that our products are safe and gluten-free.
  7. Vegan
    Our products do not contain any animal products or by-products, and we confirm that our products do not involve animal testing.
  8. Kosher
    This rabbinical certification verifies that our products conform to halakha requirements and are kosher.
  9. NSF Tested
    This certification includes regular on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities and routine re-testing of products.

With just a little research online, it won’t take long for you to find a vast array of articles, studies and news reports that state most of the CBD for sale online contains very little CBD! One of the most trusted news sources out there found that up to 70% of CBD products online are mislabeled. This means that they do not contain anywhere near the amount of CBD that is listed on the bottle. 

So this must make you ask the question, how is it possible that in a country where the FDA employees really strict restrictions on food and medication products CBD is mislabeled? Well, few people know that the only CBD products that are actually approved by the FDA as prescribed medications are those manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals under the name Epidiolex. More over, these oil tinctures are only available for patients that have been diagnosed with one of two rare forms of intractable epilepsy: Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. So to comply with regulations, a lot of CBD for sale online is marketed as a “supplement”.

When you buy CBD from Balance CBD you can be safe in the knowledge that every single CBD for sale online has been laboratory-verified by one the leading analytics labs in the United States, this means. This means that Balance CBD for sale contains precisely the amount of CBD (and other compounds) that are listed on the label. You are getting the highest quality CBD!

Who is Balance CBD?

Balance CBD is a Leading CBD Company.

You can learn more about us here, and about our ambassadors here

There’s nothing more important than your health and wellbeing. Millions of people around the world are discovering CBD as a natural health product. Balance CBD began out of necessity as our founders experienced the power of CBD firsthand. Everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy life. We have made it our mission to unlock the full potential of CBD and make it accessible wherever it is legal.

Balance CBD enlists doctors, chemists, food scientists, and health professionals to create industry-leading CBD tinctures, edibles, and topicals. Our ever-evolving product line uses only the finest ingredients to complement CBD.

Balance CBD believes in quality. Period. We rigorously test, and third-party verify each product for purity and potency. From live-chat to having a doctor on call, we want to ensure you make an informed, confident decision. Whether you’re experienced or new to CBD, you deserve the best.

Balance CBD is dedicated to accessibility, transparency, and quality. From top-of-the-line all-natural products to extraordinary customer service, your safety and satisfaction drive every choice we make. Make no mistake, Balance CBD is here for you.

Quiet your mind and soothe your body. Find your balance with Balance CBD.