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CBD Oil Amazon
CBD Oil Amazon

Buying CBD Oil on Amazon

We all love to shop there, but should you really buy CBD Oil on Amazon? It’s just so convenient, you hear about some new product and you Google it… then you see if it’s on Amazon. Makes sense. It’s not a new phenomenon, either, Amazon simply filled the flea market niche. The company has nearly everything and anything in its near-infinite scroll shop, and those options are likely cheaper than in the vacant stores just around the corner from your house.

But if there’s any product that you shouldn’t buy on Amazon — CBD oil is it. That’s because you can’t find authentic CBD oil on Amazon. For reasons we’ll explore below, Amazon has forbidden the selling of any product that outright mentions CBD.

What you can buy on Amazon is hemp oil. The companies that offer hemp oil on the online mega-store aren’t the same as the quality products we sell at Balance CBD. Our products are lab-tested and ship in a variety of natural flavors. Plus, on approved orders, we offer free shipping.

On Amazon, what seems like a quick buy and an easy discount turns out to be a classic case of deception. So read on to find out why CBD oil on Amazon isn’t worth your time, and why you should consider moving your CBD needs over to a reputable CBD company, such as Balance CBD.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Sell CBD Oil?

Despite what you’ve heard, you can’t buy everything on Amazon. Products with grey areas, or where the legalities rely on the practices of manufacturers, are off-bounds for Amazon. It’s simply not worth their time shipping products that could be illegal.

It’s not just their reputation on the line, but the potential for a lawsuit or federal fines. CBD isn’t the only substance Amazon prohibits. Any controlled substance that has yet to be “approved by the FDA for over-the-counter (OTC) sale” cannot be sold on their website.

In the legal matter of Amazon’s Restricted Products pages, they clearly state:

“Listings for products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited, including but not limited to: Full spectrum hemp oil and Rich hemp oil…”

CBD isn’t the only product you can’t buy, just so you know. Car tires and poppy seeds from non-approved sellers are two other examples. Oftentimes, the products they ban are illegal or controlled substances, like alcohol or prescription drugs.

Is CBD Oil Illegal?

An authentic CBD oil from an esteemed CBD company is legal. That’s because the US lifted the ban on hemp-related extracts and other products in 2018’s Farm Bill. But there are measures a company must take into account before they can sell their CBD oil legally. Why? Because it’s still considered a schedule 1 drug in the purview of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

To legally sell CBD, the extract must come from US-grown industrial hemp. Varieties of hemp used in industrial products, such as cloth, rope, clothing, and cooking oil, have less than .3% THC. If a hemp plant contains any more than .3% THC at any point in its life cycle, then the federal government deems it illegal cannabis.

To monitor hemp plants, farmers and the companies that buy their stock test the crops routinely. As you can imagine, this is a labor-intensive process that requires time and money. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy CBD oil, however, because the federal government is also watching the written content of reputable CBD suppliers and testing their products for THC and cannabidiol levels.

As a consumer interested in CBD, you make your decisions with your dollar. That means it’s up to you to buy CBD that’s legal and safe and grown in the United States. Simply taking the time to research your CBD supplier should alleviate any concerns.

The bottom line is this: CBD oil manufactured from industrial hemp is NOT illegal.

So… What Gives, Amazon?

We doubt Amazon will be selling CBD oil anytime soon, even when the federal government lifts the classification on CBD as a Schedule 1 Substance. That’s because, since rocketing to the front of the global online marketplace, Amazon has been swamped by foreign resellers.

Whether it’s an American buying product from China and selling them under their account, or foreign retailers flooding the platform with cloned products – as of early 2019, there are over 200,000 retailers based in China alone. A country which also grows legal hemp for a multitude of purposes.

CBD oil’s knotty legalities in the US won’t change any time soon, and since China’s regulations differ from the US, finished products containing CBD from China may not be legal for sale in the US. Amazon has no way of ensuring that customers are buying hemp from US-grown hemp suppliers. It creates muddy waters with legal implications that Amazon would rather just avoid, and understandably so.

Additionally, since you can’t derive CBD oil without hemp plants, and all hemp plants contain at least trace amounts of THC, it’s likely going to remain this way until cannabis is no longer illegal.

Don’t Buy Hemp Oil on Amazon

Like any massive online retailer with quality control problems, there are loopholes. You can buy hemp oil from Amazon that contains CBD. Often, you won’t see anything in the product’s copy that outright states it has CBD in it. But by prowling forums and checking product reviews, you can find them.

We urge you not to buy such products, which is why we heavily discourage against buying CBD Oil on Amazon. The majority of companies that sell hemp oil on Amazon have questionable practices and vague websites… if they even have websites at all. Quality CBD companies practice product transparency, like releasing third-party lab test results. CBD companies offering high grade wellness products such as our own, must follow strict regulations – if we don’t, the government will shut us down.

Now, if you’re looking to buy hempseed oil for cooking, or hemp hearts for salads, or hemp creams for moisturizing, you should be fine with Amazon products. But we recommend buying your hemp products from companies that tell you they grow their hemp in the United States.

Hemp is well known as one of the best plants in the world for bioaccumulation. This means it can help repair our threatened environment by absorbing toxins from both the soil and air. It also means hemp plants that are grown in China or Russia are soaking up the heavy metals and other toxins due to pollution. That’s why you should always make sure your hemp was grown without pesticides or herbicides and that it’s non-GMO.

Buy Authentic CBD Oil from Balance CBD

Now that you know Amazon cannot sell you quality CBD oil, only unverifiable, unregulated products which you should avoid anyways, where can you buy it?

We suggest purchasing CBD from a retailer with a strong reputation of happy customers and sales in the growing CBD industry. Not to boast, but Balance CBD has garnered praise from a huge span of the hemp community. Our return customers love our quality CBD oils, edibles, and topicals. While our new customers find that our fast shipping and variety of products appealing, and quickly become returning customers themselves.

Balance CBD products are 100% organic, free of pesticides and GMOs. We use only American industrial hemp, approved for legal sale in the United States. We test each batch of our CBD oils with a third-party laboratory. That means you can confirm that the concentration levels being advertised on bottle are truly what’s in your product.

Unlike other companies that tout the benefits of CBD isolate versus Broad Spectrum CBD versus Full Spectrum CBD, we sell them all! That’s because we offer our customers the satisfaction of choosing your own path to wellness and homeostasis. So you can start feeling more optimistic about your lifestyle and seeing positive outcomes.

So feel free to check out our growing list of CBD products here. And if you want to stay relevant with our latest flash sales or newest items, follow us on Instagram!

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