Can CBD Help You Sleep?

Can CBD Help You Sleep

There are few things as natural as sleep. Healthy people shutdown each night to rest, recharging our bodies, preparing for a new day. We don’t need someone to teach us this skill; we learn on our own as infants. And yet, sleep is something that many people struggle with. Roughly 70 million Americans are sleep-challenged, desperate to find a way to slow down at night.

When sleep problems arise, people are faced with a choice — handle it on their own or turn to their doctor for help. Turning to your doctors likely means a prescription sleeping pill, which could come with unpleasant side effects, including a potentially dangerous outcome if misused.

Exercise is often the go-to plan for people who can’t sleep, but even a hard game of basketball or a run isn’t enough to quiet an anxious mind at night, or to slow a body that just can’t wind down.

It’s no secret that CBD can help you keep a lid on stress, and it’s a valuable non-habit forming tool for managing pain. But CBD’s benefits for sleep are often overlooked by those who could benefit from it the most.

Why It Helps

Let’s face it — you’re not a kid anymore. The days of functioning on 3 or 4 hours of sleep are in the past. As we age, our need to rest becomes more pronounced and the consequences of a growing sleep debt are harder to overcome. Complicating matters — there’s financial stress, the demands of work, balancing family life, and trying to fit in a workout in an already full schedule.

Sleepless nights are more common as we get older; unfortunately, these nights are more destructive too.

More people are discovering that taking a dose of CBD prior to bedtime can help them fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Science is still catching up in terms of understanding the mechanism behind this effect, but early research suggests a positive relationship between CBD and better sleep.

These studies have indicated that CBD appears to affect the release of cortisol — a stress hormone that plays a role in our sleep-wake cycle. CBD’s impact on stress and pain relief shouldn’t be overlooked either because the supplement could also help people fall asleep by calming the body and mind.

How To Incorporate CBD Into Your Bedtime Routine

There are several ways to add CBD to your nightly routine, none of which are demanding or difficult. You can begin by purchasing a full spectrum oil. Simply apply a few drops under your tongue 30 minutes before bedtime and by the time your head hits the pillow you should feel relaxed and loose.

CBD Capsules and gummies are just as effective and perhaps even more convenient. CBD takes longer to kick in when ingested compared to sublingual application, so it’s important to take your gummies or capsules roughly an hour before you’re ready to go to bed.

Customers who want something specifically formulated for sleep can opt for CBD gummies with melatonin — the added melatonin can naturally help your sleep cycle because melatonin is a hormone that our bodies produce in order to help us sleep.

While finding a suitable product is a key step — taking CBD regularly is the most important piece of the puzzle. You’ll want to make CBD part of a routine, one which you follow every night, without fail. This is because routine is an effective way to keep your sleep schedule on track and the more regular your routine, the better for your sleep.

To get started, think of where CBD fits into your nightly routine and try to keep a consistent schedule:

  • Turn off the TV or any screens 1 hour before bed
  • Take CBD
  • Stretch
  • Check locks and turn off lights
  • Brush your teeth
  • Get in bed

In keeping the same nightly schedule, your body and mind will begin to get the message that this routine means sleep.

Common Cause of Sleep Problems In Adults

Sometimes it’s not the strategy that’s the problem. There are some relatively common complications that can make sleep challenging:

  • Poor Sleep Environment
  • Medical Conditions
  • Medications
  • Menopause
  • Sleep Disorders

CBD can help you slow your role, even if you have a condition that’s making sleep more difficult. But as always, great sleep begins with great habits and there are things you can do during the daytime to further help your body prepare for sleep.

Strategies To Help You Sleep better

What you do in the day can really help you wind down at night. Exercise is pivotal to burning off excess energy and it can also help release some built up stress. But exercise also creates pain and managing your aches and pains throughout the day will also help at night. When you exercise, drink plenty of water before and after. Don’t just suffer through pain, drink a recovery supplement or take CBD oil to relax your muscles and joints.

Try to think of your day as a whole — and consider how what you do in the morning, afternoon, and evening, will affect your ability to sleep at night. Consider the following:

  • Have you exercised for at least 45 mins?
  • How much coffee are you consuming? Can you cut back?
  • Are you managing anxiety or pushing through it?
  • Have you set aside time for activities that bring you happiness?
  • Are you taking work home with you?
  • Are you eating too much at night?
  • Are you socializing enough during the day?

Questions like these tend to reveal things you’re overlooking. You may drink one more coffee than you remember. Or you’re thinking about some silly thing you said earlier that day, long into the evening. Perhaps you’ve taken some files home to work on and that’s cutting into your rest time.

When you’re experiencing sleep challenges or full blown insomnia, there’s usually a multitude of things going wrong. As you check things off and manage different aspects of your day to day life, you remove hindrances that can prevent you from getting the rest you need.

Frequently Asked Question About CBD and Sleep

What is the best CBD product for anxiety and sleep?

There isn’t necessarily a best product but there are certainly formulas that work better than others. Anxiety makes sleep much harder to find. Ideally you want something full spectrum, preferably with added terpenes for greater effects. Our Harlequin Terpene Infused Oil is a great option for anxiety and sleep.

What is the best CBD gummies for pain and sleep?

While many people enjoy melatonin gummies for sleep, when pain and sleep are coupled, ashwagandha gummies are an appealing option. Ashwagandha herbs are thought to help with inflammation and pain — combined with the benefits of CBD it can provide some relief for both pain and symptoms of anxiety.

How Much CBD to take for sleep?

There’s no right answer here. Don’t overdo it. You should always begin with a low to moderate dosage and take time to see how your body responds. Weigh the severity of symptoms before deciding how much to take.

Consulting Your Doctor If Sleep Problems Persist

If you’re doing everything in your power to sleep better and CBD products aren’t helping you fall asleep, or stay asleep, then it’s time to consult your doctor. Even minor conditions can prevent you from falling asleep and without a proper diagnosis, you may not find the relief you’re seeking.

Some people want to avoid seeing a doctor at all costs but it’s better to overcome your hesitation and get the answers you need, so you can start sleeping better, and feeling better as a result.

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