When Is The Best Time To Take CBD Oil?


CBD oil stands as one of the most effective supplements on the market. Its widespread availability and relatively low cost makes it an excellent option for daily wellness — something that millions of North Americans have already figured out.

Though many shoppers are seasoned users by now, capable of assessing quality CBD products at a glance, there’s something mysterious about cannabidiol. And one of the mysteries is that depending on when you take it, the effects can feel dramatically different.

When’s The Best Time To Use CBD?

Deciding when you take CBD is a matter of your goals. Most people who use CBD for overall wellness take the supplement first thing in the morning, ensuring that they’re receiving the benefits by the time they clock in for work. Taking CBD in advance of when you need it is often a great strategy for dealing with pain and stress.

For CBD’s more specific benefits, timing is incredibly important. Timing is also a consideration if you’re using alternative CBD products like gummies or topicals.

CBD In The Morning: Benefits

As mentioned, many CBD users begin their day with a dose in the morning, and there are some compelling reasons to take it first thing in the AM. It’s best to take CBD in the morning alongside your first cup of coffee or around breakfast time.


CBD products can help with mental clarity, including managing symptoms like brain fog. By taking cannabidiol with your morning coffee you’ll experience sharpness and focus, allowing you to function more efficiently. In particular, taking CBD this way can really aid people who suffer cognitive difficulties brought on by fatigue.

Stress Resistance

Most people view stress as inevitable — and rather than trying to prevent the onset of stress, much of the focus is on managing and mitigating the after effects. One of the benefits of taking CBD first thing in the morning is that it can help pre-empt stress. You arrive at work with a body and mind that’s already bolstered by CBD, and when stressful events occur, you’re ready to meet them with a calm and collected headspace.

Muscle Release and Relaxation

CBD relaxes sore muscles and releases muscle tension. Taking it in the morning will help you avoid tensing up as the day goes on, which can produce more soreness and possibly foster anxiety. Some people take CBD oils to help with muscle soreness but you can also bring along a topical cream to work and apply as needed.

Physical Resistance

CBD will make your body feel more resilient as you engage in your day to day activities. For individuals who work physically demanding jobs, taking CBD in the morning can make the difference between feeling fatigued and sore in the evening and having some energy in the tank after the day is done. This could also help with workouts and possibly make your body more resilient and allow you to push harder.

CBD In The Evening: Benefits

Taking CBD at night will provide some of the same benefits as you’ll experience when taking CBD in the morning, but also some unique effects that are especially beneficial at night. If you’re planning to take CBD in order to sleep better, you’ll want to take a dose at least 30 minutes before bedtime to allow the supplement to kick-in completely.

Letting Go Of The Day

Some work days are harder than others: Some are so challenging that they accompany you home, stick around while you’re eating supper and consume your thoughts as you’re trying to watch TV. These kinds of days ruin evenings and make it feel like the workday never ends.

Ingesting CBD after you get home from work can calm your mind. This in turn will help your body let go and allow you to enjoy genuine relaxation in the evening — essential to functioning efficiently during the week.

Sleep Better

Of the many potential effects of taking CBD, sleep is often the most vital motivation. By taking CBD in the evening, you’ll feel more at ease — both in mind and body — putting you in the right state to enjoy a full night of rest. CBD’s effects are subtle and gentle, coming on slowly and easing you into bed, rather than creating any recognizable symptoms of drowsiness. There’s growing belief that CBD can help regulate sleep cycles, which may help those with REM sleep disorders.

CBD Products: Does It Matter Which Product You Choose?

All CBD products are capable of providing the relief that customers seek, but it’s important to keep in mind that CBD products behave differently.

CBD Oils

Oil tinctures offer the most fast-acting effects of any ingestible cannabidiol product. You can feel the effects of full spectrum CBD oils almost immediately when taken sublingually, with the whole effects felt within 60 minutes of taking the oil. CBD oil tinctures are the best option for people who want quick effects, especially for bedtime usage.

CBD Gummies

People elect to use CBD gummies because they taste great and deliver an exact dosage every time. When you eat CBD, the compound takes longer to take effect — typically an hour — so it’s wise to take the supplement in advance of when you need it. If you’re using gummies for sleep, eat them at least an hour before you go to bed.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules perform just like gummies; you swallow the capsules and the CBD is digested in your stomach. Again, you should take capsules prior to when you need the calming effects of cannabidiol. If you need them to remain calm in a stressful meeting, take the CBD capsules before you leave the house.

CBD Topical Creams

Topicals are a broad category — lotions, salves, pain creams, CBD suppositories and even lubes and bath bombs. Most topicals work quickly and provide swift relief. You can take topicals as needed and in combination with other CBD products.

Closing Thoughts: The Best Time to Take CBD Oil?

CBD is one of the most versatile supplements on the market — not only because of its varied effects but also because these products come in numerous formats and are suited to any time of day. The key for users who want to get the most of their products is to observe how CBD affects your body and mind at different times of the day. In some cases, you may need to increase or lower a dosage to get the right results.

If you’re concerned about using CBD or currently taking another medication, consult with your physician before deciding how and when to take cannabidiol.

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